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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Press Conference: UTC Week

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher Press conference updates

Jimbo Fisher praises his defense, offense, and special teams. Praising the punt return units. Really happy with the defense.

UTC will be in the FCS playoffs. Have the returning conference player of the year.

Jimbo praising the seniors says they're on the verge of 48 wins in 4 years. 

Jimbo says they're banged and bruised, but it's not terribly bad.

Jimbo says Maguire had some mistakes, but played well.

Jimbo says FSU didn't have the penalties with Maguire. Didn't put themselves behind the sticks.

Jimbo says Sean Maguire will be the starter.

Freddie Stevenson has already passed the impact test. 

Jimbo said they were planning to get both Patrick and Cook in the backfield at the same time. Said Patrick did really well blocking. Popped someone in the mouth on the 4th and 1.

Jimbo praising Cook's team effort.

Jimbo says Chad Mavety was the highest rated OL.

Jimbo Fisher praising both Kermit Whitfield and Bobo Wilson. Says Whitfield is getting better as a WR and that no one can cover him.

Fisher says Derwin James wasn't ready early, but put in the work to make sure he was ready.

Jimbo says that Derwin James is a natural leaders.

Jimbo says there are more leaders in the younger group because of their mentality.

Jimbo says Lamarcus Brutus reminds him of former LSU safety Ryan Clark.

Fisher says that at the beginning of the football season that Golson was no doubt the better quarterback. Says Maguire just relaxed and just went out to play the game. He was trying not to make a mistake during camp, but now he's just playing. Losing the QB battle may have been the best thing for him.

Jimbo says Dalvin Cook is 100%. He just came down on his ankle wrong.

Jimbo says he's not worried about Cook not getting the Heisman hype. Fisher says he thinks he's one of the top players in the country.

Fisher says the Heisman trophy has gone wrong. It should be the best player not the best player on the best team.

Jimbo believes winning the trenches is one of the most important things in a football game.

Fisher likes playing FCS games because of how much it helps their programs. 

Fisher on the 2014 defense.-"Talent doesn't always win you games." Says it's not always about the best 11. It't the best 11 that plays together. 

Jimbo says Brad Lawing has been a great football coach. He understands a lot of stuff very well and works well with Odell.

Jimbo hates senior days because he has to reflect on all the things the players have done, and then he has to go out and play.

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