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Florida State's Sean Maguire Benefitted From Losing The Starting QB Job

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher believes that Sean Maguire needed to lose the QB job in the fall.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher officially named Sean Maguire the starting quarterback during his press conference on Monday. Maguire came on in relief of Everett Golson against NC State and led the Seminoles to a come from behind 34-17 victory. Fisher was very complimentary of the way Maguire played.

"Sean did a real nice job managing the game," Fisher said. "He made plays, he stood in there and really delivered the ball. Took some shots. Got us in a rhythm. We got the running game going. And just played outstanding football. ..."

Golson won the starting job during fall camp, and Fisher said there was no doubt about who was the better quarterback then.

"I mean, at that time there was no doubt that Everett was the best quarterback," Fisher said. "I think Everett coming here has been a great thing for us. It's been a huge thing for us. I think he's played great football. He was the second leading passer in the conference. When we were 6-0 and had a tough loss on a freak kick at Georgia Tech. Was playing tremendous football for us."

Losing that job was not something that most people take well, but Fisher believes that Maguire needed that to get to where he is now. 

"I think Sean's relaxed a little bit as much as anything," Fisher said. "With the competition where Everett won it, and he did win it, he said, 'I'm going to be the best that I can be.' He took some pressure off of himself in a weird way of just practicing, getting better, and when the opportunity comes, just go play the game. 

I'm ain't so sure losing that hasn't been, in a weird way, the best thing for him in the big picture. To where he's relaxed and now he's playing and you see the abilities that he has and what he can do."

Maguire is the Seminoles starter, and Fisher is hopeful that he will play well enough that they don't have to relive the controversy.

"Sean is our starting quarterback as of right now for what we're doing. Hopefully he'll continue to play well and we won't have to relive that."

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