Should Derwin James Win ACC Rookie Of The Year?

Florida State true freshman Derwin James is making a case for ACC Rookie of the Year.

Florida State true freshman Derwin James is building a solid resume for the ACC Rookie of the Year award. James has been a big time player for the Seminole defense doing everything from playing safety to being one of the top pass rushers on the team. 

James is currently second on the team in tackles with 68, tackles for loss with 7, sacks with 3, forced fumbles with 2, and fumble recoveries with 2. He's third on the team with 4 passes defensed and 3 quarterback hurries. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher thinks James has made a pretty good case for himself.

"A pretty good one," Fisher said. "I don't know who else is out there, I don't know if anybody else would have a better one."

If there's one player out there that could compete with James, Fisher believes it's the defensive end playing right in front of James.

"...The guy that rivals him probably standing right there in front of him in a 3-point stance," Fisher said. "Number nine. Josh [Sweat] has had a heck of a year."

Sweat and James have both lived up to their 5-star billing this year. Fisher isn't allowed to vote for his own players, but would vote for James or Sweat if he was able too.

"...He's just such a smart football player," Fisher said. "That guy, those two guys both of them are great, but Derwin is a very, very, very, very special player and I don't know who else is in it and I can't vote for your own player, or I would."

James would be the second Seminole to win the award in the last three years along with Jameis Winston in 2013. 

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