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Jimbo Fisher Press Conference: Florida State-UF Week

Updates from Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher's press conference.

Press conference starts at 1 PM.

Fisher talked about being pleased with how the young guys played and responded.

He praised Nyquan for his punt returns.

Fisher was pretty much pleased with every phase of the game.

Jimbo is praising Florida right now. Praised Taylor and Harris.

Says their is no weakness on their defense.

Fisher asked about playing another Top-10 defense and says that's like every week.

Jimbo asked about Maguire's loyalty: Jimbo says he has the utmost respect for Sean Maguire for sticking it out behind Jameis. Now he's learning to be the player he can be.

Jimbo says a turnaround starts with the players. Says UF is still having a lot of guys drafted. 

Jimbo says both teams are very similar. Strong defenses, good running games, played multiple quarterbacks.

Jimbo says that special teams and the hidden yards are extremely important. 

FSU says winning the field position battle is critical. They've improved on that and that's what allowed them to play so well against Clemson.

Fisher says the environment and game against Clemson didn't overwhelm Maguire. Thinks that will help him going forward and this weekend.

Fisher talking about give and takes within an offense.

Jimbo says having a big time kicker affects how aggresive you can be when calling plays in the red zone.

Jimbo says having a kicker like Hopkins and Aguayo is a security blanket. 

Jimbo says that when these two teams play it doesn't matter the record.

Jimbo says that this win would mean a lot for the team. 

Jimbo says what makes a place so tough to play is great players and good coaches.

Jimbo says the key to the offensive line is the improved communication and continuity. Inches make a difference. 

Jimbo talking about offensive road struggles. BC with Everett still learning the offense against the No. 1 defense in the country. Wake the offense actually played well. Scored on 4 of the 6 possessions. Georgia Tech just didn't play well penalties and red zone struggles. Clemson the offense played well just missed on two short yardage plays.

Fisher praising USF now. Says that's a much better team than everyone thought.

Jimbo asked about UF injuries. Says everyone is banged up now. 

Jimbo says Ro'Derrick is much better than what he thought. He's walking on his own. 

Jimbo says he has no comment on the LSU situation. That's a policy that he employs.

Jimbo says UF has one of the best secondaries they will play.

Jimbo says Kelvin Benjamin improved his draft stock with his game against UF in 2013.

Jimbo says Kermit Whitfield has been much more consistent in his routes and that's made a big difference.

Jimbo says that Treon Harris was committed to FSU to play quarterback.

Jimbo asked about coaching shakeups. Mentions Scott Shafer who got some really bad breaks.

Says he's never seen a year like this year. It's a whole different world.

Jimbo says he's not making a comment out of respect. Respect for the kids at FSU and wherever else.

Jimbo says the state title is extremely important for Florida State. The two biggest rivals. 

Jimbo praising all of his players in the NFL. They're lighting it up. 

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