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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Has No Comment On LSU Situation

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher won't talk about the LSU coaching situation.

Rumors have been flying around that LSU head coach Les Miles will be fired after this season, and that Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher will be their primary target. Fisher was asked about those rumors during his press conference on Monday, but would not get into the issue.

"I have no comment on that," Fisher said. "I have a policy. I don't speak about jobs. That's unfair to the players that are there, the players that are here, the coaches there and here. And there is no job opening. So I have no comment on that. That's a policy that I have. I'm not going to comment on any job in any way shape or form."

LSU would owe Les Miles and his coaches somewhere in the range of 15-20 million dollars if they decided to buyout his contract. Jimbo Fisher's buyout at Florida State is 5 million dollars as well. 

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