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<b>Tony Carter, Sr.</b> doesn't know what the future holds for his son, <b>Tony Carter, Jr.</b> But that doesn't mean good ol' Dad can't have his own leader when it comes to his son's collegiate choice. Why not? Carter, Sr., is a former Florida State basketball player and his stepdaughter currently attends FSU. Click here for all the details.

Tony Carter, Sr. doesn't know what the future holds for his son, Tony Carter, Jr. But that doesn't mean good ol' Dad can't have his own leader when it comes to his son's collegiate choice.

"You know I have my fingers crossed for Tally," Tony Sr. said and laughed in an interview with TheTerritory Thursday night.

"I know he talks to Mickey (Andrews, Florida State defensive coordinator) a lot and he talked to coach (Bobby) Bowden when he was there for football camp. He has a lot of thinking to do."

Tony Jr., from Jacksonville Mandarin, is considered one of the top-rated cornerbacks in Florida, as well as the nation. He's your typical corner cover (5-foot-10, 150 pounds) with great quickness and anticipation. Carter also has excellent hands (nine interceptions last season) and is a threat at wide receiver as well as special teams.

And it shouldn't come as a surprise Carter is also an accomplished basketball player, just like Dad.

Tony Sr., was a three-year letterman and reserve guard with the Seminoles (1985-87), playing for both Joe Williams and Pat Kennedy. Former teammates include names such as Randy Allen, Jerome Fitchett and George McCloud.

Carter, now 37, has been in the Army since graduating from FSU in 1988. His current assignment is at Ft. Jackson, S.C., where he is a Drill Sergeant with a Basic Training Unit. Carter currently lives in Columbia, S.C., and has five children ages 21 to 11.

His stepdaughter, Maya, is currently a junior at Florida State and is studying Political Science with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Carter earned his Masters Degree from West Point before he headed overseas -- Italy and Germany. While in Italy, he had the chance to watch former FSU center Irving Thomas compete.

Naturally, Carter keeps in touch with Tony Jr. and the two talk as much as possible. The pair attended a basketball camp in Cocoa Beach last year.

"I got to see him play a couple of times last season and I try to get down there as much as possible," said Carter, who is also in the broadcast field with the Army. "I hope to have more free time this (upcoming) year."

Carter last visited Tallahassee this past spring, when Maya graduated from Tallahassee Community College. He was impressed by FSU's campus growth, particularly the athletic facilities.

While Carter would love to see Tony Jr., select the Seminoles on National Signing Day, he says, "I haven't been pushing it (FSU) down his throat. But you can hope (laughing). I talk to him as much as I can when I am not working. You want all your children to do well."

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