Why Would Jimbo Fisher Leave Florida State For LSU?

Looking at the reasons why Jimbo Fisher to LSU just doesn't make sense.

There are a lot of rumors flying around that LSU head coach Les Miles will be fired after the season, and that the LSU boosters are willing to pay the $15-20 million buyout for Miles and his staff. With Miles out, LSU would make Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher their main priority according to those rumors.

The question that I have is why Fisher would leave Florida State for LSU? Yes, Fisher coached at LSU under both Nick Saban and Miles. That was before LSU fans wanted him run out of town, and were happy that he left for Florida State.

In his almost six years as head coach at Florida State, Fisher has built a national powerhouse. The Seminoles have played in four ACC Championship games, won three of them, and won a National Championship. When Fisher arrived there were a few requests that he made. Now the Seminoles have an indoor practice facility and a new players dorm. He has total control of his football program.

LSU, on the other hand, is said to be firing a coach that has won at least 10 games in four of the last five years while playing in the toughest division in college football. They would still be in position to do so this year if their opening game against McNeese State hadn't been cancelled. Why would any coach want to go to a place where that is below acceptable standards?

LSU does have some things in their favor. The Tigers are the only team in a very fertile recruiting state. It's very tough to get a top recruit out of Louisiana if the Tigers want him. A two loss year doesn't knock you out of the National Championship race. Fisher knows the area well, and has ties there.  

Do those positives outweigh the negatives though? There is a much easier road to the National Championship in the ACC than the SEC. Particularly when LSU has to play Alabama and the rest of the SEC West every year, plus cross division rival Florida. There are unrealistic expectations from the fan base and boosters, and, while LSU is the only team in the state, and, as good of a recruiting state as Louisiana is, it is not on par with the state of Florida. 

With the $15-20 Million buyout of Miles and his staff, plus the $5 million buyout of Fisher, how much is LSU going to realistically offer Fisher? Florida State could keep the money close to what LSU would offer Fisher per year, so why would he make a lateral move with more negatives than positives?


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