Florida State Continues To Dominate The State Of Florida Under Jimbo Fisher.

Florida State is on an unprecedented run against their in state rivals.

Florida State dominated Florida 27-2 on Saturday night and continued their run of dominance over the state of Florida. Florida State won the "State Title", which consists of beating Florida and Miami in the same year, for the third straight year. The Seminoles also threw in a win over South Florida. That is something that has never been done in Florida State history.

Florida State knows how big it was for the Seminoles to get those in state wins, particularly in recruiting.

"It's our first goal," Fisher said. "I mean, you've got to win your own state. You want to win a National Championship, the ACC, you've got to win your own state first. You have to do both of those things. Like I said, we play everybody in the state. That's one of the good things about it. It's a football rich as any state in the country so you keep winning. That helps in recruiting. That helps in everything. That's our first goal. Florida and Miami are huge games for us, and South Florida.

The majority of players on Florida State's roster comes from the state of Florida, and they definitely enjoy having bragging rights.

"It's significant because now, when I go back home to Jacksonville, I can talk crap to all the Florida fans still," Walker said. "I can still talk trash."

 Florida State is now 13-1 against FBS teams from the state of Florida under Jimbo Fisher. 

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