Florida State Using Bowl Practice As An Extra Spring

Florida State has started bowl practice, but that's not all they're using the time for.

Florida State started bowl practice on Sunday in preparation for their Chick-Fil-A Bowl matchup against Houston. That's not all they're using the practices for though. 

The NCAA allows teams that play in bowl games to practice 15 times, which is almost equal to an entire spring. That's how Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher views it. 

“I want to be a better football team at the end of the day at 5 P.M. on December 31 than we are right now," Fisher said. "We have 15 practices. That’s the same amount you have in spring practice. That equates to a spring. Even though you are in preparation for a bowl, we aren’t in game planning. We are going back to fundamentals and learning how to play. That’s 15 opportunities for your young players and for the seniors going into the draft. This is the last chance for them to get better. We’re not through getting better. We are more interested in the process right now.”

The Seminoles are an extremely young football team with only 11 scholarship seniors on the roster. Getting them the extra time will be critical for their development, and critical for Florida State's 2016 season.

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