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Florida State Defensive Back Lamarcus Brutus Played Through Broken Hand

Florida State defensive back Lamarcus Brutus is one tough player.

Florida State redshirt senior defensive back Lamarcus Brutus wasn't about to let something as trivial as a broken hand keep him from playing his final game against Florida. Brutus didn't even realize that he had broken it until the play after his injury occurred. 

"Not at that moment, but at that next play, I went to tighten up my gloves and I was like, 'something don't feel right,'" Brutus said. "It was just weak. I couldn't really grab my pants. I told a few players first like Tyler [Hunter] and Jalen [Ramsey] and [Mar]Quez [White] on the field. I was like, 'I think I broke my hand.' But I didn't know. I left my glove on then when I came to the sideline after the timeout I went to the trainer and was like,' something's wrong with my hand.'"

His first thought after the injury was that he didn't want to come out of the game.

"Wrap it up and get back in the game," Brutus said. "I look up at the clock and we've got eight minutes left. I know I said, 'I think I broke my hand,' but It was like, 'I don't want to come out though.' So we wrapped it up just to be safe and I just went back in. Going and playing with precaution, but I didn't want to get out. I felt like I could do it for eight minutes."

Brutus had surgery upon his return to Tallahasee.

"It was the fourth metacarpal, which is my ring finger," Brutus said. "It had a fracture in the bone. They went in and put some screws and a plate on it."

He won't miss the bowl game either. It's just a question of if he will have to wear a cast during the game. 

"We'll just see," Brutus said. "Day by day how it goes. Its a few weeks recovery process. I've had my surgery already last week right after we got back. So it's just the recovery process now and getting back strength and stuff like that."

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