Florida State Running Back Dalvin Cook gives Back To Miami

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook visited a children's hospital in Miami for Christmas.

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook has been a superstar on the field for the Seminoles this season, but he may have made a bigger impact off the field this Christmas. Cook made a visit to Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami on December 23, and brought gifts for the kids there. 

"It was really good to go see the kids and give back," Cook said. "Especially in my hometown of Miami. There was nothing like it. I saw some of the kids that that's their life. They don't know anything outside of the hospital. So it was a good thing going back and giving back to them. I was just blessed to do it."

Cook talked with his family about the best way for him to give back to his home town now that he's able to. 

"I talked to my Mama and my Grandmother," Cook said. "I just told them I wanted to give back while I was home. We thought of some ideas and that was one of the ideas. We just put it together."

While Cook was never in the hospital like these kids, he does know what it's like to grow up in that area and not have very much. That's what makes him want to do things like this.

"Where we're from in the city, kids don't really grow up having it," Cook said. "So giving back to them, it's something that puts smiles on their faces, smiles on their parents faces, and everybody in the community. So going back, and giving back to theones that don't have it is big where we're from."


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