Wayne McGahee III

Florida State Takes Care Of Their Own

Florida State is giving back to the people who make running the program possible.

The Florida State coaching and support staff put in a lot of time during the season, and it keeps them away from their families. Florida State made a point that they wouldn't have to do that over the holidays, and the University brought each staff members families up to Atlanta for the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. 

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher said it was about showing their appreciation for all that the staff does to make the program run.

"I mean those people sacrifice just as many hours away from their families as they possibly can," Fisher said. "People have no idea how many people it takes to run an organization at a top notch level. They're up there the same amount of 14,16 hour days, 18 hour days as we are. For them to be able to come up here and be away from their families. We get the credit as the coaches, but those guys are putting as much hard work and sweat in as we are behind the scenes. It's a reward for them, but it's also an appreciation for what they do. We couldn't do what we do without all those folks. For them to bring their families. We're all one big family. We're going to take care of everybody."

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