Florida state 12/29 Practice Report and Video

Florida State conducted their final practice of the 2015 season inside the Georgia Dome.

Not Participating

DB Trey Marshall

DT Keith Bryant

OT Chad Mavety

OT Derrick Kelly

OL Cole Minshew

OL David Robbins

DE Lorenzo Featherston

DT Derrick Mitchell

LB Tyrell Lyons

C Ryan Hoefeld

TE Jalen Wilkerson

WR Ermon Lane


WR George Campbell (Knee brace)

LB Reggie Northrup (Knee brace)

LB Ro'Derrick Hoskins (Knee brace)

DE Josh Sweat (Knee brace)

DT Nile Lawrence-Stample (Knee brace)

DB Lamarcus Brutus (Left hand wrapped)

DB Nate Andrews (Right hand cast)

Practice Report

Auden Tate is still clearly learning how to run the full route tree; he had trouble getting his head around on a couple occasions and is still a bit robotic entering and exiting his breaks. That’s typically the result of a player who is still counting his steps and hasn’t progressed to running the route naturally. Also, Tate’s shoulders are coming up when he’s entering a break—that’s common for big WRs who haven’t learned to keep their CG low. He’s still learning to drop the hips and keep the shoulders down. It took Benjamin over two years to get there.

George Campbell’s right knee is obviously limiting him. He’s a full participant but stepped out of a few reps that would have required him to plant off that leg more heavily. He also had a drop on a ball that required him to adjust by planting that leg.

Pigg Harrison is still inconsistent on the depth on his routes. He missed his depth on a standard bench route by over a yard, with the result being a ball that hit the dirt.

The offensive line remained the same with Mavety out. If Ruble were to go out it would really shake up the line with Wilson Bell likely moving out and Corey Martinez taking the right guard position.

Jason Staples contributed to this report.

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