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Where Does FSU Rank In Program Value?

A look at where Florida State's football program ranks in program value.

The Wall Street Journal published an article about the value of college football programs and Florida State came in 21st. They valued the program at $294.41 million, which comes in more than $13 million ahead of the next closest ACC school, Virginia Tech. Florida State and Virginia Tech are the only two ACC programs inside the Top-25. Clemson comes in at No. 30. 

This is how the results were attainied.

"Brewer analyzed each program’s revenues and expenses and made cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections to calculate what a college team would be worth on the open market, if it could be bought and sold like a professional franchise."

The Top-25 consists of 9 SEC programs led by Alabama at No. 5, 6 B1G programs led by Ohio State at No. 1 and Michigan at No. 3, 4 Big 12 programs led by No. 2 Texas, 3 Pac 12 schools led by No. 15 Washington, 2 ACC schools led by No. 21 Florida State, and No. 4 Notre Dame. 

Florida State sits $652.2 million behind Ohio State, and $376.45 behind in state rival Florida. Miami comes in at No. 39 and valued at $188.61 million. 

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