OL Could Be Asked To Contribute Early

With the recent loss of offensive lineman to Matt Heinz to a back injury, Florida State will most likely need of one of the true freshman to step up contribute on the depth chart right away. John Frady, who reported to Tallahassee last Thursday, might be the answer.

"I just moved in on Thursday and I'm ready to get going," the former Jacksonville Bolles four-star lineman said. "Florida State recruited me to play guard and center. Coach Heggins told me to concentrate on playing center."

There's no doubt that Frady will most likely be able to pick things up in a hurry. He is gifted physically and he's blessed with outstanding intelligence. The true freshman has bulked up from his high school weight of 285 to a muscular 300 pounds now.

"I'm bench pressing up to 350 pounds now," Frady said. "I can squat up to 525 pounds."

Frady graduates high school with a grade point average of 3.2 and a SAT Test score 1360.

There's no doubting the former First-Coast star's toughness. In his senior season, he played with a slightly torn MCL. How is his knee now?

"I'm 100% now," he said. "About two week after the state championship game I started to run on it."

Frady grew up a Gator fan and surprised some fans by choosing the cross-state rivals early in the recruiting process. Why did he do that?

"When Florida lost Steve Spurrier that was factor," he said. "Plus I fell in love with the people in Tallahassee and Coach Bowden is amazing."

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