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In this first of two installments, Florida State's veteran sports medicine director Randy Oravetz updates the TheTerritory on his injured list. The second installment will focus on Oravetz's thoughts on the Seminoles' new practice schedule and his staff's plan to continue to combat the serious issue of summer heat. Click here for all the details.

Randy Oravetz, Florida State's veteran sports medicine director, knows the importance of good luck. The Seminoles could always use a pinch of it with the start of preseason practice next week.

FSU, which sustained significant injuries last season, heads into practice in good health. Oravetz said Thursday the frontline players who missed spring drills and continued their rehabilitation into the summer months have been cleared medically to start practice.

Even tailback Greg Jones, who continues to recover from reconstructive knee surgery, is expected to be cleared.

Still, the Seminoles' suffered a major blow last week when reserve center Matt Heinz was diagnosed with a pair of herniated discs in his lower back. Heinz is scheduled for surgery Friday, when the severity of the injury will be known. Heinz could return within six to weight weeks or be lost for the season.

Also, nose guard Brian Ross continues his recovery from a broken leg suffered in spring practice.

"A lot of the guys are doing fine -- the Popes, the Jones, the Boulwares. They are all looking good at this point and time, Oravetz said.

"The offensive line is my only area (of concern) because of numbers. There is so much experience coming back but there's not a lot of experience behind that. The (Matt) Meinrods have to step up. The Bobby Meeks really have to step up. (Eric) Broe. ..if there are certain guys who can step up on the offensive line, we will be fine."

Oravetz and his staff will continue to monitor the Seminoles' returning injured, starting with Jones.

"We talked about two-a-day practices versus single day practices and what we want to accomplish and how many reps we are going to get -- we've talked a little bit about that," Oravetz.

"I don't see any trepidation when he's running. But until he gets out in full gear, until he gets comfortable, we are going to take our time with him. We know he can run. Everybody in the league knows he can run. We just have to get him back out there where he feels 100-percent comfortable. Watching him run, he looks pretty close right now."

Oravetz said Jones' work ethic during his rehabilitation has been impressive. Many impact players, from Tommy Polley to Dan Kendra, have returned from reconstructive knee surgery.

"He might have been one of the hardest workers we've ever had with the best attitude as well," Oravetz said. "It was a total shock to him. Those first two weeks might have been the roughest two weeks of his life. Then all of a sudden one day, it was like, ‘Okay.' He moved on. He said I am going to get back where I was, if not better.

"Again, we've had to actually pull him out of workouts. He has worked so hard we actually had to back him down at times. I hope it continues and he has good luck and the Good Lord is looking out for him. I want everything to go right for him. We've asked him before, ‘Do you have a younger brother?' He's one of those guys where you would like to have another coming in just like him."

FSU's SPRING INJURED LIST: Alex Barron (knee and ankle), Michael Boulware (shoulder), Broderick Bunkley (knee), Jerome Carter (shoulder), Chris Davis (knee), B.J Dean (shoulder), Darnell Dockett (Achilles), Andrew Henry-Kennon (ankle), Travis Johnson (shoulder), Greg Jones (knee), Willie Jones (knee/ankle), Bobby Meeks (shoulder), Claudius Osei (Achilles), Kendyll Pople (shoulder), Willie Reid (ankle), Brian Ross (broken leg), Stanford Samuels (shoulder), Fabian Walker (shoulder), Torrance Washington (knee), Roger Williams (neck), Ray Willis (shoulder), Jeff Womble (Achilles).

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