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What Will It Take For FSU To Make The NCAA Tournament?

After an 0-3 start in ACC play Florida State has a chance to make the NCAA Tournament.

Three weeks ago it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Florida State men's basketball team was not going to make the NCAA Tournament. The Seminoles were 0-3 in ACC play with three blowout losses, and a brutal schedule still on the horizon. 

Since that point, Florida State is 6-2 including a 7 point win over No. 9 Virginia. The Seminoles are now 6-5 in the ACC and 16-7 overall. They sit at No. 38 in the RPI rankings and are currently 2-4 against teams in the Top-25 of the RPI rankings. They are 8-7 against the Top-100. 

So what will it take for the Seminoles to get into the NCAA Tournament? Four more ACC regular season wins. There are seven games left in the regular season for Florida State inculding games against Duke, Miami, and Notre Dame. Here is the remaining schedule.

2/11: At Syracuse (16-8, 6-5)

2/14: vs. Miami (18-4, 7-3)

2/17: vs. Georgia Tech (12-11, 2-8)

2/20: at Virginia Tech (13-11, 5-6)

2/25: at Duke (17-6, 6-4)

2/27: vs. Notre Dame (16-7, 7-4)

3/5: vs. Syracuse (16-8, 6-5)

The Seminoles should win against both Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, but finding two more wins among the rest of the games will be a challenge. If the Seminoles are not able to get to 10-8 in the ACC the issue becomes more complicated. The Seminoles would likely need at least two wins in the ACC Tournament, and would be on the bubble when selection Sunday comes. 

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