Wayne McGahee III

Poor Free Throw Shooting Is Costing FSU Big

Florida State's poor free throw shooting has the Noles in a hole they may not be able to climb out of.

Florida State dropped a crucial game to Miami last night 67-65, and while the Seminoles had a lot of issues the one that stands out the most was their free throw shooting. Florida State has been a poor free throw shooting team for much of the season, but they have gotten progressively worse as the season winds down. The Seminoles shot just 44.4 percent from the free throw line against the Hurricanes.

So far this season the Seminoles are the tenth best free throw shooting team in the ACC at 69.5 percent. That mark puts Florida State at No. 180 in the country in free throw percentage. Pittsburgh leads the ACC at 76.5 percent while Boston College is the lowest at 65 percent. The average ACC team shoots 71.2 percent from the line.

In their 9 losses this season Florida State has shot 63.4 percent from the line, but in their 7 ACC losses this season that number drops to an abysmal 60.4 percent. That would put the Seminoles at No. 343 if they had shot that way in every game. There are 346 teams playing division I basketball this year. Three of their last four losses have seen Florida State shoot under 55 percent from the line. 

This Miami game is the first game that free throw shooting has cost the Seminoles a win outright, but it has certainly kept them out a number of games. If this trend continues it is something that could keep them out of the NCAA Tournament. There are five regular season games left, and the Seminoles need to win three of them in order to have a chance to get into the tournament. That will be a tall task against two ranked teams, and arguably the worst matchup for the Seminoles in college basketball against Syracuse. If they're going to find that third win, they will have to shoot better from the line to have a chance. 

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