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NFL Combine: FSU Defensive Back Jalen Ramsey Analysis

Florida State is sending six players to the NFL Combine. Here is the Analysis of Jalen Ramsey by Lance Zierlein.

Lance Zierlein of has broken down what makes Jalen Ramsey one of the most exciting players at the 2016 NFL combine.


Dominant athlete. Sprinter and champion long jumper for Seminoles track team and hit a 40-inch vertical leap in high school. Prototype frame for a big, press­ cover corner. From press, lands accurate blows with extended arms into the shoulders of receivers. Can redirect and, in some cases, completely road­block a route with his disruptive press strength and tactics. Has experience at safety and as slot corner. Boundary corner in 2015 and quick to crowd outside releases against sideline. Shines in trail coverage. Has athletic ability to slam on brakes from full sprint and shadow comeback routes. Length and closing speed make it difficult to beat him over the top. Elite leaper who can challenge jump balls against anyone. Uses aggressive ripping and raking against catch attempts. Aware and instinctive from zone and off coverage. Diagnoses quickly and will stick a foot in the ground and drive hard towards the throw. Balanced, wrap-up tackler in space. Allowed a completion rate of just 38.5 percent.


Much better straight-­line player than lateral athlete. Shows hip tightness from press. Overreacts with feet to initial moves from press and can be knocked off balance by a clever release. Footwork and patience from press must improve or teams will match him up against quickness to test him. Missing fluid hips to open and run. Allows early separation in tight quarters and a clean passing window against crossing routes. Had no interceptions this year and just three for his career. Appeared to be a more fiery competitor in 2014. Would like to see him step downhill harder after run diagnosis rather than waiting for play to get to him. Can be a playmaking run­-thumper on one play, but then passive the next.

Bottom Line

Press ­cover corner with disruptive length to fluster receivers and the makeup speed/leaping ability to stymie downfield attacks. Ramsey made more plays on the ball from the slot last year, but his ability to jam and trail receivers limited playmaking opportunities this year. Ramsey has all-­pro potential and traits, but could use a little more bravado and attitude play in and play out.

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