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FSU Spring Questions: Offensive Line

With a couple of positions up for grabs this spring there are plenty of questions for the Florida State offensive line.

Spring Depth Chart

Position Starter 2nd Team 3rd Team
Right Tackle Brock Ruble Rick Leonard
Right Guard Wilson Bell Cole Minshew
Center Alec Eberle David Robbins Andrew Boselli
Left Guard Kareem Are Corey Martinez
Left Tackle Rod Johnson Ethan Frith

Out For Spring

Player Injury
Abdul Bello Knee
Ryan Hoefeld Shoulder
Derrick Kelly Knee
Chad Mavety Heart

1. What happens at Right Tackle?

With Derrick Kelly out for the spring, Brock Ruble had the inside track to the starting position at right tackle. Rick Leonard is expected to make the move from defensive end to offensive tackle, but he lacks experience. He will get plenty of reps this spring, and has the size and athleticism to make an impact if he can learn the nuances of the position.

2. Will Minshew take over at right guard?

Wilson Bell was the starter at right guard for most of last season, but he lead the offensive line in penalties. Minshew suffered multiple injuries that prevented him from making an impact as a freshman, but he's expected to make a run at the right guard starting job. Minshew has the size, athleticism, and mentality to be the next great Florida State offensive lineman if he can stay healthy.

3. Will Mavety play again?

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher said that Mavety is out for an indefinite period of time with cardiac issues. Mavety has had trouble staying healthy at Florida State, and this serious issue heading into his redshirt senior year throws into question if he will every play again. He posted on social media that he plans to play this year, but that is far from certain.

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