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Two Position Changes For FSU This Spring

Two Florida State players will be switching sides of the ball for spring practice.

Rick Leonard Moves To Offensive Tackle

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher confirmed that defensive end Rick Leonard will be making the move to right tackle.

"I think he can be a very good defensive player, and if it doesn't work out he'll go right back to where he played at before," Fisher said. "I think he has the potential to help our team best right now, and longevity in pro football, if he has that opportunity. I think he can do it for a long time... I think he's built for it, has the mentality and athleticism for it."

Leonard will start out behind Brock Ruble on the depth chart, but will have the opportunity to move into the starting role. Leonard is listed as 6-foot-7, 287 pounds on the updated Florida State roster.

Chris Casher Moves To Tight End

Redshirt senior defensive end Chris Casher is making the move to tight end this spring. Casher has been unable to get on the field during his first four years at Florida State, and will make the move to the offensive side of the ball. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher believes that Casher's athleticism will be a big asset for him this year. 

"Ball skills," Fisher said. "Natural route runner. He was a very good receiver in high school. He has a lot of natural offensive skills. Our guys say he runs great, great routes. Catches the ball."

Jalen Wilkerson Remaining At Tight End

There were rumors that Wilkerson would be moving to defensive end this spring, but Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher said that he will remain at tight end. Wilkerson is healthy and will take part during spring practice.

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