FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Rips Team After Opening Practice

Watch Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher rip into his team after their performance on Wednesday.

Florida State started their first practice of the season on Wednesday, and head coach Jimbo Fisher was not happy with his team at the end of it. He let everyone know quickly just how displeased he was.

“Very average to below average,” Fisher said. “I was not pleased at all. Lack of enthusiasm. Practice was decent, but not to the level at which we’re used to practicing. One of the worst ones probably since I’ve been here. It is what it is. Glad we’ve got fourteen more.”

Fisher went in on the lack of enthusiasm and energy on the field.

“It was awful,” Fisher said. “No enthusiasm. No life. No nothing. Just going through the motions thinking we’re going to win. About why we lost three games last year.“

Fisher had said that he wants to build a culture of dominance at Florida State, but this practice didn't help with that.

"The culture of dominance?” Fisher said. “That was about as far opposite of that as I have ever seen. I’m serious. There wasn’t no culture of dominance out there. You’ve got to want to do that. They didn’t want to be out there.”

When he was asked if he was going to change anything for tomorrow's practice, he answered that he wasn't going to adjust anything. His reason for that was pure gold.

“No, why am I changing?” Fisher said. “I ain’t changing a lick. I ain’t changing my standards. We’ve been the second winningest team in the country the last six years. Why am I changing? I ain’t changing. They’re going to change to me. I ain’t making them happy. They’re making me happy.”

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