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Florida State had hoped to avoid afternoon thunderstorms by moving its daily practice to the morning. Well, guess what? Mother Nature rolled out another nasty storm Thursday morning, chasing the Seminoles inside for part of their trainnig session. Nonetheless, FSU offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden likes what he sees thus far. Click here for all the details and much more.

Florida State offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden has an unique situation at tailback. He has three impact players in Greg Jones, Leon Washington and Lorenzo Booker.

Physical abilities aside, Bowden believes the trifecta's best strength is its attitude.

"I don't know if it's unique around here. We've always been stacked with a lot of good tailbacks and these, to me, appear to be three exceptional tailbacks," Bowden said following Thursday's practice.

"But the attitude seems to the same as it has been in years past. These guys don't at all seem to be, 'It's got to be my ball. I got to be the guy.' They are pushing each other and whoever is in there, they are pulling for each other. I hope that maintains. … I think they will. They all have different talents and we can use them all."

Jones continues to recover nicely from reconstructive knee surgery and enters as the team's starting tailback. Washington is looking to build on a solid freshman season that saw him finish with 273 rushing yards and lead the team in punt return average (11.5 yards per return) and kickoff return yardage (28.3).

Booker, meanwhile, is a shifty back with excellent quickness. Named the top newcomer on offense by the coaching staff last April, Booker has picked up where he left off before suffering an ankle sprain during spring drills.

"He has got some moves that are just unbelievable," Bowden said.

"He's running so hard and he makes them so quick. Most guys break an ankle doing it. He's just that kind of player. Like Leon, he has that burst. Once he gets through the line, he's gone. Greg builds speed. These guys get going before they get to the line of scrimmage."


Second-team quarterback Fabian Walker says his arm strength is much better than last season, when he was plagued by shoulder soreness. What Bowden is looking for from Walker and fellow quarterbacks Chris Rix and Wyatt Sexton at the moment, however, is improved consistency.

"He's strong at times yet he's still a little too inconsistent at times on some of the throws," Bowden said of Walker.

"They all are a little bit inconsistent when we are out there right now. I expect them to get better. I certainly hope they will get more consistent. Right now it looks like we are catching the ball better. So, we get a little more accurate and they will start getting a better feel for each other. We have a couple balls straying, a couple jumping high on us, a couple bounced passes. I want us to be more consistent."

When it comes to his receivers, Bowden is also looking for more spectacular plays from his unit, which was plagued by butter fingers at times last season.

"We have to be thinking in terms of making more great plays," Bowden said. "Catching the ball is catching the ball. They have to do that. They have to make great plays."


David Overmyer is doing just fine. His brain is not spinning from overload just yet.

A highly-recruited tackle from Lilburn, Ga., Overmyer has been moved to guard for depth reasons along the Seminoles' offensive line.

"It's actually going pretty well," Overmyer said Wednesday.

"Right now I am just trying to learn all the plays and learn what I am supposed to do. It's a step up from high school -- everything is so much faster. The technique is a little different and you have different responsibilities obviously, but I feel pretty comfortable. They want to see how this works (this year) and they could move me back to tackle next season."


FSU running backs accounted for 41 receptions last season. Guess how many of those went to Seminole fullbacks?



For all of five yards, which equates into four-tenths of a yard per game.

Returning fullback Torrance Washington expects that to change this season. A point of emphasis the first two practices has been a steady diet of pass routes to the fullbacks and tight ends.

"Coach Sexton told us in the spring that he wanted us to get involved in the passing game," Washington said.

"He feels like he has more athletes at fullback this year than any other years, and he wants to use us. I think it's smart to use a fullback and a tight end (in pas routes) if they can help you out. They are giving us a chance. They are giving us the ball more. Now we have to get the job done."


Chris Hall and Jesse Stein are competing for the punter's role with the departure of Chance Gwaltney. While Hall has been more consistent thus far, Stein probably has the stronger leg.

Gwaltney, who averaged 39.8 yards per punt (72 kicks) last season, caught a glimpse of Wednesday's practice with former special teams phenon Jared Hetzel.

"I think it will be a good battle," Gwaltney said.

"More than anything, whoever is No. 1 or has the lead, the other guy will always be there to push him. Just like my junior year when Chris came in, that helped me more than anything having somebody right on your heels, pushing me. The good thing is if somebody is struggling or gets hurt, then you have somebody there who is just as good. They can take over with no problem. I think they are going to be okay."

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