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Florida State defensive tackles coach Odell Haggins was such in dire need of bodies during spring drills that he joked Thursday he "could have lined you all (reporters) out there. Really – I needed you all to help me out. It's different now, thank God." Indeed. Haggins has a bevy of talent to select from as the Seminoles continue preseason practice. Click here for all the details.

Does Thursday's rain set you back at all? The Seminoles had 10 periods remaining when a severe thunderstorm pushed the practice indoors.

"We're trying to get in whatever we get in. You wish you could do things here and there, but you've just got to keep going. You can't look back, man."

Can you make up the work?

"Well, you've got to make it up in your meetings, actually. Make it up in your meetings, go over the things that you couldn't go over on the football field, point out the little things that you can get done on the field. I think you can make that up in the meeting rooms."

Your three freshman defensive linemen – how impressed are you with their size and strength?

"They're young, but they're very talented kids. That's what I like about any of them. I tell you, they're working hard. We're trying to work them in shape, see what they can do. You won't know that until they actually get into pads and start banging around."

How are you lining up right now, as far as your first and second teams?

"My first group, I have right now (Darnell) Dockett and (Brodrick) Bunkley, and then I have Charles Howard and Clifton Dickson. Then I have Jeff Womble at nose, and the other tackle I have Andre Fluallen. And, you know, Travis (Johnson), he'll get in there."

Can Travis practice at all?


How is Dockett, physically-speaking?

"I tell you what, he ain't limpin'. He looks strong as ever. He's looking good. That's what I'll say. He's looking good."

Going back to the youngsters – without the extra few days of freshman-only practice, does that make it harder for them?

"It makes it much harder. You get out there with the older kids, focusing just on technique, and you're thinking they understand, and they don't understand. Then you have to back up and say, "Hey, this is the way we do (this)."

Do you have positions in your mind for those three freshmen?

"Not yet. I want them to get in pads, get out, and see how everything works. All three of them are going to be interchangeable. I want to see what they can do."

This is a lot different than where you were when you started the spring?

"This is a lot different. I could have lined you all (reporters) out there. Really – I needed you all to help me out. It's different now, thank God."

So all your guys are in good condition, physically?

"Womble has to drop a few pounds, but he's looking decent. That's the operation he had. He's coming back, looking quick. We're just waiting for him to get more in shape."

What about Charles Howard?

"Charles is doing OK, man. He's going to do well for us."

He doesn't have a real thick body – he still looks more like a defensive end. How do you make up for that?

"I don't care what kind of legs he's got, fingers he's got, arms he's got, whatever. As long as he can get out there and make plays."

Did you see enough playmaking ability from him in the spring to have confidence that he can make plays, even if he's undersized?

"Yeah. Charles can do some things. He's not as big as I wanted, but Charles can do some things. He can't go up against a 300-pounder 40 or 50 plays, but he can get out there and get after a quarterback."

Has he been able to stay fast as he gains weight?

"He's doing well. He's got great takeoff. He's going to be real good."

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