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Where Should FSU Hold A Satellite Camp?

If Florida State was to hold a satellite camp in another state, what would be the best option?

The NCAA rescinded the ban on satellite camps on Wednesday, and with that opened the door for schools to take their coaching staffs around the country for glorified recruiting visits and evaluations. The ACC and SEC voted for the ban, but now that it has been overturned, look for the southern schools to jump right in the mix.

Florida is the most talent rich state in the country, and it's no surprise that teams like Michigan want to take advantage of that with the satellite camps. For schools like Florida State, however, they're already in great position in the state. So where would a satellite camp make sense for the Seminoles?

There are a few states that come to mind, but the one that stands out is Texas. Florida State coaches Tim Brewster and Charles Kelly have spent the better part of the last week on a recruiting trip to Texas, and are recruiting a number of highly touted players from there including the No. 1 defensive tackle in the country Marvin Wilson. Last year, Florida State managed to pull one of the top inside linebackers in the country, Dontavious Jackson, from Houston.

In 2015 the state of Florida led all other states with 204 players on NFL week one rosters. Texas was third with 181. Florida State would jump at the chance to pull more players from Texas, and holding a satellite camp would go a long way towards helping that. 

It is unlikely that any of the major Texas schools would want to help Florida State out in this situation. One option that makes the most sense is Rice University. Rice is located in Houston, and would be an ideal area for the Seminoles to set up shop. Houston sits close to the border with Louisiana, which the Seminoles have started recruiting harder of late. 

The Seminoles have offers out to 12 Texas players as well as 4 players from Louisiana. It would give the recruits an easier opportunity to work with the Florida State coaching staff and build face to face relationships without making the long drive to Tallahassee. 

In the long run, a satellite camp isn't going to make a difference for a lot of recruits. Florida State will not be looking at most of the recruits that camp there anyway. They would be there for a select few, and it could make a world of difference with them. 

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