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FSU State Championship Rings Are A Recruiting Tool

Florida State gave their players "State Champion" rings for the 2015 season, but their main purpose could be for recruiting.

Florida State had a down year in 2015, at least when compared to what head coach Jimbo Fisher has delivered over the past few years. The Seminoles failed to win the ACC for the first time in three years, but did make a New Years Six bowl game, that they lost to Houston. They also beat in-state rivals Florida and Miami once again.

With the Seminoles going to a major bowl game they had the option to get the team rings, but who wants to be reminded of a loss? So Florida State took the opportunity to remind everyone that they defeated Florida and Miami, and to a lesser extent USF, last season. According to multiple reports Florida State spent over $60,000 on the rings, and while that may seem like a lot, it has been free advertising for the Seminoles.

June and July are big in the recruiting world with recruits taking campus visits and camp visits all over the country. So what does Florida State do? They find a way to remind the in-state recruits that they own the state of Florida. Miami hasn't beaten Florida State since Jimbo Fisher took over as head coach, and Florida has only accomplished it once in the same span.

So why shouldn't they celebrate that? Every member of the fanbase does. It's a major point of pride for every Florida State fan that they are dominating their rivals, and many would say that beating Miami and Florida every year is more important than winning any bowl game that won't award a National Championship. The Florida State administration found a way to do that while also marketing themselves to recruits who are looking at the Big 3 in the state. It's a win-win situation.

As for the opposing fanbases that don't like the rings, there's a simple way to stop it from happening. Beat them. Until that happens there isn't a leg for any Miami or Florida fan to stand on. 

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