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The Recruiting Gap Is Widening Between ACC Powers And Other Twelve Teams

Florida State and Clemson are the class of the ACC, and it doesn't look like that will be changing soon.

It's no secret that Florida State and Clemson are the class of the ACC. Florida State won a National Title three years ago and reached the College Football playoff two years ago. Clemson reached the National Championship game last year. There's a simple reason for that. They are out recruiting every other team in the ACC by a very large margin, Florida State especially so.

Over the past four recruiting classes, Florida State has finished in the Top-20 of the team recruiting rankings every single year. Clemson has finished there three times. Only one other school, Miami in 2014, has finished inside the Top-20 during that span. Both the Hurricanes and North Carolina have had two Top-25 classes during that span. 

The real difference comes in the average star rating of the recruits that the teams have signed. 

Miami North Carolina Florida State Clemson
5-stars 3 0 11 3
4-stars 24 20 45 37
3-stars 49 62 36 40
2-stars 4 2 3 4
Not Ranked 2 0 0 2
Star Average 3.24 3.21 3.67 3.38

Over the last two years the gap has widened even more.

Miami North Carolina Florida State Clemson
5-stars 0 0 6 3
4-stars 9 10 26 19
3-stars 25 34 13 19
2-stars 3 0 1 1
Not Ranked 1 0 0 2
Star Average 3.07 3.22 3.80 3.40

As for the other ten teams in the ACC, only one has had an average star ranking over 3.1 for a single class. Duke's 2016 class posted a 3.24 average star rating. 

The 2017 class looks to be on the same track. While it is still extremely early, Florida State and Clemson are both off to a hot start and sit inside the Top-10 of the team rankings. Florida State's class has an average star rating of 3.91 while Clemson's class is averaging 3.82. Miami and North Carolina sit inside the Top-20 of the rankings, but their average star rating is much lower. Miami sits at 3.27 and North Carolina sits at 3.21. The next closest ACC team in the rankings is Duke at 41 with an average star rating of 2.6. Until the rest of the ACC catches up in recruiting it's still going to be a two team race for the ACC title nearly every year. 

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