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ACC Network Revenue Will Be A Big Boost To FSU

The revenue generated by the ACC Network could push the Seminoles into the Top-10.

It's no secret that the ACC is lagging behind the other Power-5 conferences when it comes to revenue, but the ACC Network will put a big dent into that. In a recent article from USA Today, they estimate that the revenue for each school would be between $5-8 million.

According to USA Today, Florida State was 13th overall during the 2014-2015 fiscal year with a revenue of $120,822,522. Louisville was the next highest ACC program at $104,325,207. A $5 million bump for the Seminoles would move them up to tenth on the list ahead of Penn State, while an $8 million bump would put the Seminoles firmly into ninth place ahead of Tennessee. 

If the revenue is in that range it would move the ACC ahead of the Pac-12 and the Big-12 in revenue numbers, but would still be behind the SEC and B1G according to the article. The ACC Network is set to launch in 2019.

Florida State athletic director Stan Wilcox issued this statement on the subject.

“This is a great day for the ACC, ESPN and Florida State University.

My response to questions about the potential of a network over the last two years has been that we (the ACC) were more interested in making the right decision for the long-term future of broadcasting athletic events and not the most expedient. As a result of diligence, hard work and the outstanding leadership by Commissioner Swofford and ESPN, today’s announcement means an extremely bright, long-term future for Florida State University, the ACC and ESPN.

The revenue generated by the ACC Network assures that we will have resources and exposure on par with that of our peers in the top echelon of collegiate athletics and that was an important part of the negotiations, but not the only part.

With today’s announcement, we are now extremely well positioned to take advantage of the evolving broadcast environment and we will have an even deeper partnership with ESPN.

We have been forward thinking at Florida State and have been investing in the infrastructure needed to support and take full advantage of a potential broadcast network. FSU is ready to hit the ground running in terms of televising live events and creating unique programming. We are just days away from completing additional video control rooms that will allow us to broadcast several live home events simultaneously. In addition, we have replaced the majority of our video production equipment to meet network standards.

So as much as I am pleased with the potential financial impact of today’s announcement, I am just as excited about the exposure it creates for all our sports.”

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