College Football Live Host Jonathan Vilma Is Wrong About Miami Needing To Be Back For FSU's Sake

ESPN's Jonathan Vilma stated that in order for FSU to be good, Miami has to be good as well. He's dead wrong.

During ESPN's Car Wash, College Football Live hosted Jimbo Fisher for a nearly six minute segment. Former Miami linebacker and host Jonathan Vilma was asked if Miami needed to be good for Florida State to be good. Here is his response:

"Miami needs to be good for Florida State to be good," Vilma said. "Not in the sense of the talent and the games. In the sense that when Miami is good, that matchup becomes all the more favorable with the College Football Playoff. If you win that matchup versus a good Miami team, as opposed to an average or mediocre Miami team, that gives you added incentive, and, hopefully if Miami wins, it gives them a little incentive for the playoffs."

The statement is questionable when you consider that Florida State has won a National Championship and been to the College Football Playoff since the last time Miami finished a season ranked. Clemson has stepped into the role that Miami was supposed to fill, and the matchup between the Seminoles and Tigers is considered one of the top games, if not the top game, to watch during college football's regular season. 

A down Miami is also good for Florida State in other ways. There are currently eight players on Florida State's roster from the Miami area including Heisman Trophy candidate Dalvin Cook. How many of these players would not be on the roster if Miami was anywhere near the program that Florida State has developed into under Jimbo Fisher?

Fisher's response to Vilma was spot on.

"It does, but I think the league with Clemson's resurgence, we play Florida, we open up with Ole Miss," Fisher said. "Louisville. How they've jumped in and had a great season, and made a great push. I think this league has developed even beyond Florida State and Miami. I mean, I think we're both two of the great teams, but I think that there's a lot of other great football in this league also. But it helps college football. When Florida State and Miami are both great it's good for college football, and good for the ACC."

The Florida State-Miami rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries in college football, and when both teams are on top it's a matchup that the college football world wants to see. However, saying that one can't be great without the other is just plain ridiculous. 

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