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Updating The FSU Linebacker Recruiting Board

Florida State has had an up and down week as far as linebacker recruiting goes.

We are only two days into the week, and Florida State has already had a linebacker decommit and another commit. 3-star linebacker Bradley Jennings Jr., a Florida State legacy, decommitted from the Seminoles on Monday night. Jennings had been trending away from Florida State for a while, and Miami seems to be the likely destination now.


It didn't take long for Florida State to fill his spot though. 3-star edge rusher DeMarco Artis committed to Florida State on Tuesday night. Artis picked up an offer from the Seminoles in the last week of June, and it didn't take him very long to jump all over it. 


When it's all said and done, Florida State still has one linebacker commit, but who is left on the board? The Seminoles signed four linebackers in 2016, but only three made it to campus. None of the linebackers on Florida State's 2016 roster are seniors. That doesn't mean that they aren't looking to sign more than one or two however. Multiple Florida State linebacker targets have said that the Seminoles are looking for three to four edge rushers in this class. Artis certainly fits that bill, but who are the other targets?

Walter Grant and Leonard Warner are the top two linebacker targets left on the board. Both were on campus recently for the July version of the Jimbo Fisher camp. Grant just stopped by to visit for a few hours, but Warner actually participated during the Thursday morning session. Florida State is in the Top-5 for both.



Outside of those two it's up in the air. Florida State legacy DeCalon Brooks holds an offer from the Seminoles, but where he fits on defense is the question. He's a little undersized for the linebacker position, but could be an excellent fit in the money role. Brooks has stated that he will be taking his time, and taking visits. He could wait himself out of a spot if he takes too long.


One other name to watch is Pensacola linebacker Robert Reeves. Reeves visited Florida State for camp in July, and had an up and down showing. He did work out less than a day after working out at Cincinnati's camp in Ohio and making the drive back to Tallahassee. The staff likes him, and he could pick up an offer with a good senior season.



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