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FSU OL Chad Mavety Announces The End Of His Football Career

Florida State offensive lineman Chad Mavety announces an end to his Florida State career.

Florida State offensive lineman Chad Mavety took to Facebook to announce that he will not be playing football this year, or ever again. Mavety missed the Chik-Fil-A Peach Bowl and all of spring practice with a heart injury. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher would not comment on the issue at ACC Media Days.

Mavety released this letter on Facebook Tuesday morning, the day that the Seminoles return for fall practice.

"As I'm sure some people already know, I will not be playing football this fall for Florida State University nor the rest of my career. I have spent the last 7 months trying to stay the course and be positive but ultimately the doctor gave me a result and a decision. I have been diagnosed with something that does not allow me to play and the liability and risk factors have ended a sport and career I took so much pride in. One thing I've always been taught, is that everything happens for a reason and I am lucky we found it. Yes football is a game where athletes make an incredible amounts of money but the ultimate happiness comes everyday when your working out, in meetings, hanging in the cafe, or strapping up those pads at 3:00 to go out to practice. The brotherhood I've built with my teammates at Florida State will always be there and I will 100% be this teams biggest fan this season.

Now to all of the people from my hometown of Sparta. I thank you. I appreciate the support I get every time I am back in town. You will never know how good it truly makes me feel. This goes for former coaches, friends, family, and kids. To my Nassau Community College family, where would I be without you? Taught me how to be a man and take care of business on my own, taught me how to become a better person, and lastly shaped me on and off the field and gave me an opportunity I didn't have before. Nassau gave me scholarship offers from every Division 1 school in the nation and I wouldn't be where I'm at today without my coaches, teammates, and professors. I thank you all.

Florida State.......a dream I never thought would be possible. I have been able to do something that people dream of. First and foremost...Graduate with a Bachelors Degree. Growing up I was told I would never get it, I wouldn't get out of Junior College, or I wouldn't get a scholarship, or I wouldn't start for the #1 college football team in America.......I did all of that plus more. I can't thank FSU enough for giving me a full athletic scholarship and giving me a platform to display what God has given me and also build on what I was already given. I will miss playing beside my teammates but there's nothing more I'll miss then running out and hearing 90,000 fans cheer you on like Nole Nation! It has truly been an honor. For all of this I have to thank the entire Florida State coaching staff(especially the Oline GA's), strength coaches, and academic staff. Most of all, I have to thank Coach Fisher for believing in me throughout all of my injuries. There would be days where I would be completely down and those little words of inspiration before practice when it was just the two of us would do more than anyone knows.

Lastly, but most importantly my FAMILY. You all know who you are. Thank you for being at every game, watching it on tv, or just being there for my phone calls through my tough injuries. Without your guidance, support, and belief in me....the last 7 months could've been a million times worse for me without you all. When one door closes, Another door opens and I am more than excited to build my brand.

Chad Mavety#55
Florida State Seminoles"

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