Wayne McGahee III

FSU Fall Camp: Observations and Notes

Insider notes and observations from Florida State's fall camp.

There are a couple players that have surprised me during camp so far. Burns and Murray are obvious. They've both gotten rave reviews from both players and coaches so far.

Amir Rasul has been very impressive. Fisher has praised him after multiple practices so far, and he performed well during open practice. He catches the ball well out of the backfield, and wasn't afraid to lower his shoulder and go get the extra yard. Also his legs are like tree trunks.

Keith Gavin is further along than I expected him to be. He's already on the first team kickoff unit. How fast he gets on the field will depend on how fast he gets the route trees down.

Dontavious Jackson is already making the calls for the third team defense. He's working beside Emmett Rice there, and coach Kelly was noticeably excited about both players at times during the open practice.

Some players aren't having spectacular fall camps though. Wally Aime needs to respond better when being coached. He gets frustrated during drills, and it's easy to see. George Campbell still needs to work on being consistent. Da'Vante Phillips needs to find a way to get through an entire practice without getting hurt.

Now on to other things. This defense is going to be spectacular. The talent on the first team is ridiculous, but what makes this defense special is the depth that they have. They're far deeper than the 2013 unit, and they have elite players at every level. Yes, that means that I'm calling Matthew Thomas an elite player. Everything that I've seen and heard so far from camp points to that being the case. On the defensive line they have three, maybe four depending on Christmas.

On offense, Francois has been better than expected. He has the players buying in, and Fisher has been very pleased with his progress. 

The starting offensive line is up in the air, but there are at least nine players that are capable of playing at a high level. True freshman Landon Dickerson is in that group. When I asked Trickett about him this was his response:

"I like everything about him. He's 6-foot-5, he's 315 pounds. He's 400-some-pound bencher, 600-some-pound squatter. He can move. He can use his hands. He's smart as hell. And he's a great guy. What's not to like?"

Auden Tate has missed some of the start of camp, but he's gotten back in the swing of things. Fisher said that he made some plays during the scrimmage, but that he missed some that he should have made. Fisher said that was just the process of getting used to the speed again.

Marcus Lewis and Tarvarus McFadden are both neck and neck for that starting CB spot opposite of Marquez White. Whoever wins the job really doesn't matter. Both players will play quite a bit. 

I expect Logan Tyler to win the punting and kickoff specialist jobs. I also think FSU will use him for any field goals longer than 50 yards. Aguayo is the more accurate of the two within the first fifty, but doesn't have the leg for the longer kicks. 

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