Double Trouble

<b>Cornelius Ingram </b>of Hawthorne is considered one of the state's top-two sport athletes. He recently made a trip to the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp in California and has drawn praise as a basketball standout. Ingram grew up a Florida State fan and continues to keep an eye on the Seminoles. Click here for this <B>FREE</b> update from TheTerritory, your first stop for FSU news. "FSU is my leader, I like coach (Daryl) Dickey a lot and would not mind playing for him," Ingram told TheTerritory.

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You attended the Elite 11 camp and had the chance to compete against some of the nation's top quarterbacks. What were your thoughts on the experience?

"First off I was honored to be invited to the camp. I also thought that all the guys at the camp were very good. It was great going against the other quarterbacks because I like to compete."

With the recent committment of Drew Weatherford would you still consider FSU.

"Oh yeah, Drew and I are freinds and competing against him at FSU would be great, I have no problem going to FSU and fighting for the quarterback spot."

Another quarterback that FSU is after is Xavier Lee. What are you thoughts about going to FSU if he commits to the Seminoles.

"I will still be interested in FSU because they were my favorite team growing up."

Do you have a leader at this time?

"FSU is my leader, I like coach Dickey a lot and would not mind playing for him."

Are you close to committing to the Seminoles?

"It could happen real soon. I may want to take some visits but there is a possibility of me committing to them. I also like coach Dickey, he is recruiting me as a quarterback. That is where they want me to play."

Ingram told TheTerritory he also likes Georgia Tech and North Carolina. He also keeps in touch with FSU basketball coach Leonard Hamilton and would like to play basketball.

Ingram mentioned to TheTerritory that he would not mind commtting to the basketball team and than try out for football the following Jan.

"I spoke to coach Leonard Hamiliton about coming in as a basket ball recruit and than go out for football later on," he said.

So there is a chance that you may defer your football scholarship to the following year.

"Yes that is an option for me," Ingram said.

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