Grading the 'Noles

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said he had no idea how his 10th-ranked Seminoles managed to beat Georgia Tech on Saturday night. "It was like checkers (and) they were a jump ahead of us,'' Bowden said after his team scored two touchdowns in the final 7:09 for a 14-13 victory. Chris Rix shook off two interceptions to run for one touchdown and pass for another as the Seminoles avoided becoming Georgia Tech's second upset victim in as many weeks. Click here to read TheTerritory's grades.



It's tough to grade Chris Rix because he did bring the Seminoles back from a 13-0 deficit. His confidence should be at an all-time high after bringing this team back. Rix's negatives are still obvious. He needs to learn that when your down 6-0 and your defensive is playing great, you don't do anything silly. His interception that Tech almost took back could have been the back-breaker. Overall, Rix did make the plays when he needed so I cant get too down on him.


Running Backs

The running game was pitiful. Willie Reid made a couple of nice runs but nothing to be thrilled about. Greg Jones had no running lanes. The offensive line did not help and neither did the play calling. Jones should not be running to the short side of the field.

Grade: D


Once again the receivers stepped up. Chauncey Stovall made a beautiful catch that was clutch. P.K. Sam is quickly becoming our most reliable receiver. Dominic Robinson made a catch that would have been a touchdown if the pass was better and Chris Davis is close to having a breakout game. Crophonso Thorpe made some nice plays as well. Even Matt Henshaw was wide open. If Rix and Henshaw can get on the same page. watch out.

Grade: B

Offensive Line:

The unit had its worst game of the season. It could not open a running lane no matter what. These guys did do well on the final two drives but overall played poorly. David Castillo is on of the toughest players on the team.



Defensive Line

The defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage. Eric Moore had his finest game as a Seminole. Darnell Dockett is playing at another level. He is collapsing the pocket and is also a leader this year. Kevin Emanuel even got in on the fun. This D-line is one of the best in the country.

Grade A


The linebackers played solid most of the game and even they got into the sack parade. The starters still get taken out of too many plays. On the long run in the second half they were out of position. In pass coverage they were alright nothing special.

Grade B-plus

Defensive Backs

The secondary played well once again. For the third week in a row there was no blown coverages. Pat Watkins makes another big play at the end of the game. B.J. Ward, Jerome Carter, Bryant McFadden, Stanford Samuels and the rest of the backs played well. They give up some yards but not game breakers. Overall the D-backs were real solid.

Grade B-plus

Special Teams

Our kick off return team is ready for a huge game. Cro 1 and Cro 2 are very dangerous and both played well. D-ROB is not Prime Time He is good for taking the safe route but he has no moves. Chris Davis should handle punt returns.. The special teams did tackle well. Xavier Beitia was perfect on both point-afters.. I am concerned the coaches did not go with him with the Seminoles only up by one point.


Offensive Coaching

If there is something these coaches need to do is learn to keep it simple early in games. Rix needs to get into a rhythm and running that reverse does not help. The Seminoles offense was in a funk the first half after that play. Quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey on the sideline really seems to have helped out. Coach Jimmy Heggins' offensive line was awful. I hope he gets these guys ready for a physical Colorado defensive line. Plus, it's not a good sign was seeing Bobby Bowden on the headset.

Grade C-minus

Defensive Coaching

I hate to keep blowing the guy's horn but linebackers coach Kevin Steele is the best thing to happen to FSU in a long time. His confidence rubs off on his players. The defensive ends did great and coach Jody Allen gets an A for getting them to play at a high level. Coach Mickey Andrews' defensive backs also played very well. Overall, the defensive coaches did a good job as Tech only scored one touchdown.

Grade A

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