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No. 10 FSU survived a home thriller versus the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Senior team captain <b>Brian Sawyer </b> chatted with TheTerritory about the Seminoles' effort, focusing on the team's poise. There has been chatter about how last year's FSU team might not have won that game. Why is that? Sawyer shares his thoughts on the subject as well as FSU's decision not to attempt a field goal in the game's waning minutes. Click here for all the details as FSU now turns its attention to Colorado.

"I don't think everybody really realized how good they are. They have a great defense. They shut out Auburn the week before. I just don't think everybody realized how good Georgia Tech was.

"But the defense did good. It was a little slow for the offense. It's kind of hard to get anything going in the first half when you only have 11 plays. It was a really good test. I am glad we pulled it through. I think it was good for the team to face some adversity, to see how we would respond. Fortunately, we dug down deep and pulled it out. It was a great game. I am glad we got the win.

"I didn't hear too much of coach Bowden's halftime speech since I went out early with the kickers and had to do the captain thing. For the most part, it was defense keep it up. Nothing too drastic. A few motivational words. That's all I heard. But whatever he said, it must of worked because we finally got things clicking going in the fourth quarter (laughing).

"All week long, all we heard (from coaches) was about Georiga Tech and how well they played the run and stopped the run. And they did a pretty good job of it. Finally, we started throwing the ball and catching the ball and it didn't seem like they were able to adjust. Once we started picking them apart in the secondary, we gave it to the backs and (Chris) Rix took off and made some good runs. We finally got everything clicking towards the later part of the second half. Once we were on the same page, I knew it was only a matter of time.

"I can't remember too many games where we come out in the first and second half and have a bad half. If we have a bad half, it usually doesn't happen back-to-back in one game. It's usually not a bad game all around. We finally got it picked up and got it going.

"I say it every week, last year's team compared to last year's team, this team is so much closer. When you are closer and you are together as a unit, you believe in each other a lot more. You have a lot more confidence and trust in your teammates. Everyone was trusting each other to do their job. As far as last year's team, we actually have talked about that. I don't know.... I don't know if we would have had the poise, the experience. ... I don't think we had quite enough last year to maybe pull it out. We might have gotten a little frustrated too early. This year I think we realize it is a 60-minute ballgame. Even when you are down by two touchdowns in the last quarter, that's still a long time. We kept our poise. And there's a lot more leadership from everyone, not just the seniors. It's a great feeling when everyone pulls together and it clicks.

"I thought Chris took a step forward. Even towards the end of the game when he made that scramble around the 10-yard line. You could tell he was getting ready to jump (over defender). I guess he thought about it but he slid. I think he's using his head more, he knows we need his body than he's willing to put it on the line. He's staying the pocket and doing what veteran quarterbacks do, and that's being patient and staying focused and letting the game come to you instead of trying to do everything on one play. I thought last week was one of the biggest steps he has takent since he has been here.

"I am sure they had some kind of logic behind it (not kicking field goal at game's end). Usually, as players we don't look at it in-depth as the coaches do. They think of every possible angle. They made the call and we stick behind them, in every decision they make. I am just glad we were able to get the win. If X (Xavier Beitia) got the call, he would have made it. I guess they wanted to ensure that Georgia Tech stayed on that end of the field no matter what. It's their call.

"The Colorado game is going to be fun. I just hope to God it's about 120 degrees (laughing). I hope it does not rain. That's a fun game. Colorado is annually pretty good. I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of film but what I am hearing, last week was probably a fluke. They are a lot like Virginia, a big, strong team in the trenches. It's definitely going to be a battle in the trenches. Whoever wins that is going to win the game."

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