Noles Have Their Eyes On GA Lineman

With the Seminoles needing depth on the offfensive line, it's probably no surprise that the coaches are making that a top priority in recruiting. One player to keep your eye on Atlanta Westlake's <b>Courtney Abbott.</b>

Courtney Abbott is the big half of the 600 pound Westlake duo on the offensive line. He teams with Michael Brown to form one of the fiercest offensive lines in the country. At 6-8 and 330 pounds, Abbott has nimble feet and is extremely strong. He does not carry excess body weight; he is just that big. 

Abbott joined Brown in Athens this weekend for Georgia's first SEC game, and he came away very impressed.

"We got to hang out with Sean Jones before the game," said Abbott. "He had a terrific game. He had two interceptions and that big hit on fourth down. We also got to talk with David Jacobs and Terrance Edwards who were there. We talked with a lot of coaches too like Coach Richt, Callaway, Bobo, and Garner. There were seven of us there from Westlake, so we mostly hung out with each other during the game."

Abbott's two favorites remain the same, and he will have a close eye on one game in particular this weekend.

"LSU and Georgia are still my two favorites," said Abbott. "I can't wait to watch that game. I have no idea what is going to happen. Truthfully though, I'm really still pretty wide open. I have close to 10 favorites. I think I am going to the Florida State game this weekend, and Florida is still in it too. I don't know if Mike (Brown) told you or not, but we may take an official visit to Kentucky together. I think I could step right on the field and play right away there. But I feel that way about every team. I think if I take care of my own work and do what I need to do, I can play early anywhere."

Abbott may have the most physical potential of any offensive lineman in the country, and it sounds as if he is tapping into that potential as a senior. That is a scary thought for anyone lining up against Westlake.

Courtney Abbott and Michael Brown

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