Grading the 'Noles

Florida State moved up to sixth in both the Associated Press and coaches polls Sunday. The Big 12, Big Ten and SEC led all conferences with five teams in the poll, followed by four from the Pac-10 and three from the Big East. FSU, of course, is the only entry for the Atlantic Coast Conference. Fresh off their victory over Colorado, the Seminoles are on the road Saturday at Duke. Before we get too caught up in the Blue Devils, let's take a last peek at FSU's superb effort against the Buffs.

Offense MVP
Chris Rix

I never thought I would see the day that Chris Rix would go 30-39 for close to 400 yards passing and two touchdowns without a pick. He made every throw that pro scouts like to see from a college quarterback. His pass to Craphonso Thorpe was one of the nicest you will see all year. When he was pressured, Rix stepped up into the pocket and made very good decisions with the football. There is not enough good things that I can say about Rix in this game. He was great.
Grade A-plus, plus, plus.

Running Backs
Willie Reid averaged over 10 yards per carry (11.3) and could have had over a 100 yards rushing if given enough carries. He also had some nice receptions as well. Greg Jones still does not look a 100 percent but he did get a touchdown.
Grade B-minus

This was by far one of the best games I have ever seen from two different Seminoles. Cro getting over 200 yards was really impressive. His speed was evident on the long bomb from Rix. P.K. Sam is one of the most consistent receivers we have on our team. Just another 100-yard game for Sam. Lorne Sam even had a nice grab at the end of the game.
Grade A-plus, plus, plus

Offensive Line
These guys were unreal at keeping Rix clean. He had all day to pass the football and, best yet, he was not sacked once for the second consecutive game. Even when Fabian Walker came in, the line continued to play great. The unit did not do much run blocking but Reid still had a healthy average.
Grade A

Defense MVP
Kam Wimbley

Defensive Line
Once again the defensive line was awesome with a capital A. Every one got in the act and made life very difficult for Colorado quarterback Erik Greenberg. Darnell Dockett is playing like the best DT in the country. Jeff Womble was also very effective and had a fumble recovery. Brodrick Bunkley played well. The best two players on the outside were Eric Moore and Wimbley. If they were not sacking the quarterback they hit him on many occasions. The depth is sick for the Seminoles. Clifton Dickson, Darrell Burston and Charles Howard were all getting into the action as well.
Grade A-minus

Early on these guys did struggle but with the proper adjustments in the second half they play very well. Michael Boulware and Allen Augustin turned in some super plays behind the line. Marcello Church hit the ball carrier real hard one time. Ray Piquion had a few tackles. Even Ernie Sims played and, of course, A.J. Nicholson stepped in for an injured Kendyll Pope. In the second half the linebackers played really well.
Grade B-minus

Defensive Backs
Other than one blown coverage that resulted in an 81-yard scoring pass, the secondary had another effective day. In the second half they shut down the Buffs passing game. That is impressive considering the Buffs had to pass the football to get back into the game. Stanford Samuels came close to another pick for a touchdown. Antonio Cromartie dropped a pick as well but made up for it with a great hit. Pat Watkins and B.J. Ward are future NFL players. I even saw Gerard Ross late in the game.

Special Teams MVP
Chauncey Davis and Xavier Beitia

Special Teams
This was the best game our special teams has had this year. The two blocks kicks were huge. Chauncey Davis block and return for a touchdown was a thing of beauty. X-Man was perfect on field goals and extra points. Overall a great game from the special teams.

Offensive Coaching

Anytime the offense gets close to 600 yards the coaching is not a problem. Jeff Bowden made a great move of attacking the Buffs secondary that got scorched Some may complain we did not run enough. You don't need to run when the passing game was as effective as it was Saturday This game give opposing defenses something to think about. If you try and stuff the pass how do you stop Greg Jones and Willie Reid. Add in a healthy Lorenzo Booker and Leon Washington and watch out. No complaints out of the offensive coaching Saturday.
Grade A

Defensive Coaching
The defense did give up some yards in the first half but the adjustments made at halftime kept Colorado's offense off the field. The coaches on the defensive side of the football were great. Other than one blown coverage and some nice runs by the Buffs in the first half, the Seminoles defense dominated.
Grade B-plus

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