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With a need for offensive lineman this year in recruiting, Florida State is looking to steal one from the Palmetto State. At 6-foot-7 and 305 pounds, offensive tackle Cory Lambert may just be what the doctor ordered. Not only does he have great size, Lambert tests well in the weight room as well. On the bench press Lambert lifts more than 400 pounds and can squat over 500 pounds. On the season so far Lambert has had 12 pancake blocks.

Lambert's goal this year is to break his record for last season.

"Last year I had 38 pancake blocks and would like to better that number this year," the Greenville high school senior said. "I would also like for are team to stay unbeaten as well." When it comes to schools that Lambert is interested in he has cut the number down to five.

"I like South Carolina, Clemson, FSU, Georgia and Alabama," he said. "I have been around the Clemson and South Carolina campuses a lot so right now that is where I feel most comfortable. Another team that I like a lot is FSU. I have heard great things about the Seminoles. I also like that they send many of their players to the NFL and that is my ultimate goal one day."

Even though South Carolina, Clemson and FSU lead at this time, Lambert wants to visit all five schools and go to the one he feels most comfortable. He told The Insiders that distance won't be a factor and his mother will let him make the decision on where he wants to go to school.

Lambert wanted to attend the FSU/Miami game this weekend but will be unable to do so. He does intend on going to the FSU/Notre Dame game in November. He will take the visit with his head coach.

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