Turning Up The Heat

Florida State entered the Miami game last Saturday with 22 sacks, 4.4 per game. Of course, the Seminoles, who were averaging two more sacks per game this season than they did last season, came away empty handed against quick-throwing Brock Berlin. FSU looks to turn up the pressure Saturday against Virginia quarterback Matt Schaub, a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate who has bounced back from an early shoulder injury. FSU defensive ends coach Jody Allen talks about his unit's play against UM.

"I wasn't pleased with it (pressure). We did have some pressure. We were in his face a couple of times, forcing him (Brock Berlin) into some bad throws. But we didn't get there as much as I would have liked. Of course, we didn't have any sacks. I've said that sacked thing is overrated but we would have liked to get him on the ground a bunch of times.

"They coach him not to take sacks. They throw it away quick, they get rid of the ball. And those guys are good. They are the second-team in the nation. Still, that being said, I was not overall pleased with the number of plays we made or the pressures we had. I do think the guys played very hard and I think we played very physical.

"And when you play a team like a Miami, a team that's very good running the ball, you've got to put yourself in a mind frame of being physical against the run. And I think the guys did that. We didn't make a lot of tackles but what we did was control our gap in a way… it's hard to do and you have to be very physical. You still have control of your gap and you also restrict the rest of the gaps.

"One time we had a deal going where they brought a guy who tried to knock Eric (Moore) out and he (Moore) hit him and knocked him back about three years and a guy turned out on (Kevin Emanuel), and he knocked his man about four yards and before it was over, between the two ends, there wasn't about a block of about three yards wide. They had restricted the gap.

"Now, we didn't do that all the time obviously. But we did it some of the time and I don't think there was any time when we just. … those guys have some linemen that have the ability to road grade you. They get up under you and it's like you have roller skates on and going backwards and it's ugly. That's when they get those big gaps and are able to run up and down the field. We didn't have that. Did we play perfect? No. Did they have some success running? Yeah. But we fought hard and, for the most part, we used good leverage and held up against them in the running game. I would have liked to play better and stopped them completely. But we played well enough in the running game that I was pleased. In the passing game, I was not.

"We line up a little differently than most teams, a little wider and with a tilt, so we can use that speed in getting on them before the can get completely turned around. If we can hit them while they are still turning, then we have the advantage as opposed if they get their bodies turned and it's man-on-man and it can become a problem then. But we came off the ball pretty good. Still, I was disappointed with the pass rush."

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