Quick Learner

<b> Chris Davis' </b> reaction gave it away. When asked if he was enjoying his initial season at Florida State, Davis immediately flashed a toothy grin. "It has been so much fun," Davis said following the Seminoles' Wednesday practice. The talented Davis, a redshirt freshman from St. Petersburg Catholic, has made a nice impact thus far as FSU (6-1, 5-0 ACC) eyes Saturday's home game against improved Wake Forest (4-2, 2-2 ACC). Kickoff is 3:30 p.m. and the game will be televised by ABC.

Davis, who lines up behind Craphonso Thorpe at flanker, made his first career start against Duke. He currently ranks third behind P.K. Sam (32-439) and Thorpe (29-573) in receptions with 17 for 161 yards and two scores.

Davis also continues to rotate with Dominic Robinson on punt returns with a team-high 11 for 85 yards (7.7 average).

Davis is thankful to be contributing after sitting out last season following reconstructive knee surgery. Saying he's completely recovered, Davis certainly hasn't lost his quickness or razor-sharp cuts.

However, as he continues to learn, running routes takes discipline and quick thinking.

"I am still working on getting the wide receiver stuff down. The steps," Davis said.

"Once I get the game without really thinking, just knowing everything and reacting, relying on my instincts -- that's pretty much the big thing."

Davis, who is averaging just 9.5 yards per reception with a long of 17 yards, says he keeps a watchful eye on Thorpe and Sam in practice. He also looks for opponent tendencies on film as well as during a game.

"I am still looking at the DBs and learning the different coverages," Davis said.

"Once I get that all down, it's pretty much all instinct. When I get to the line, I am looking to see how the DB is going to react, what coverage they are going to be in and how I need to run or adjust my route. It's a very quick (process).

"Guys like Cro and P.K. had been there, so they know what to expect. I recognize some of it from playing quarterback (in high school) but it's definitely a learning process."

Ditto for punt returns, Davis says.

His best return thus far has been 38 yards. He covered that length with his eyes closed in high school.

"Man, guys in high school didn't get down the field as quick as the guys here," Davis said and laughed.

"I am doing okay but I know I can do a lot better. Right now I think I am still used to high school. I have to get used to the speed. In high school you could make two or three moves and be gone. Here it's one move and you need to be gone."

Davis and Co. expect to be tested by an improved Wake Forest secondary. In fact, Demon Deacs cornerback Eric King is tied for first place in the ACC with FSU's Stanford Samuels in passes defended with 11.

Opponents aside, Davis is just looking forward to competing on game days.

His smile gives it away.

"I like the offense here," Davis said. "We are doing different things and we have a lot of weapons. I am just trying to get better and help out."

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