Drew Weatherford: Scouting Report

A week and half ago, Florida State quarterback commitment Drew Weatherford helped lead his team (Land O Lakes) defeat Ocala Forest 28-13. The Insiders.com No 6 ranked quarterback in the country ruined the Ocala Forest homecoming by passing for 282 yards and four touch downs. The Territory. Org, which was on hand for the game at Booster Stadium, will break down the performance of the 6-foot-2 and 195 pound four-star quarterback

Weatherford didn't disappoint at all and his performance lived up to expectations. There are a few high school quarterbacks that might have more physical skills that the Land O Lakes standout. However, Weatherford's intangibles make him one of the best-rounded players at his position in the country.

Weatherford has the respect of the coaches and his teammates. He also is very well liked among his teammate's parents. Several of them came up to Weatherford after the game and gave him hugs and handshakes. Their respect for him is obvious.

On the field the Land O lakes standout is constantly directing his team. He is well aware of where every player lines up. He corrected several of them. When a player makes a mistake on the field, he doesn't scold them and he shows them encouragement. When the quarterback makes a nice play, he is excited but not too the point of overdoing it. He doesn't jump in the air or do anything to showboat. He doesn't have messages written on hi wristbands either. When he comes off the field, he remains calm and focused.

One thing that Weatherford does that separates him from the pack is his ability to read the field and look off defensive backs. On one play, he rolled right pumped faked, looked left and then quicking looked right and then fired a 30-yard touchdown strike. His pump-fake was quite good. A lot of quarterback don't pump fake well because of their smaller hand size. Weatherford doesn't seem to have that problem. He shouldn't have problems throwing a wet ball either.

Weatherford mechanics are quite well. He throws with a quick motion and he squares his feet before throwing. When Weatherford rolls out, he tries to set his feet before throwing. His balls thrown are tightly spiraled and he displays touch. His accuracy is very good. On the night, he completed over 60% of his passes. The 6-foot-2 and 195 pound quarterback is tough and he can take a hit. He's not afraid to sit in the pocket and take a hit.

Weatherford also has very good football instincts. He will take off and run with the ball without hesitation. However, his eyes are always down field when he's doing this. The four-star quarterback is a very good athlete comparable to former FSU quarterback Casey Weldon.

Some of Weatherford's flaws are very correctable. Sometimes, with pressure, his footwork will get a little sloppy. He also needs to step up in the pocket more and try and not too much. On one play, he scrambled left and forced a pass which resulted in interception. Weatherford also takes too many hits and he needs to throw the ball away from time to time. Some of the things he does wrong are normal for a young quarterback. Weatherford is striving hard to correct his mistakes and he is shooting for perfection. After the game, I congratulated him on this performance. Weatherford immediately credited his teammates and he displayed displeasure on the one interception he threw.

I have come to the conclusion that Weatherford is worthy of his ranking and hype. The Territory.org has also seen All-State standout Xavier Lee play several times and both are outstanding prospects. If Lee decides to sign along with Weatherford, the Noles should be in very good shape for the next four to five years and the Tribe should have the top quarterback class in the country.

Look for Weatherford's highlights of the game previewed soon.

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