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Leon Washington's 12-yard touchdown run gave No. 13 Florida State a 50-44 double-overtime victory over North Carolina State on Saturday, wrapping up the Seminoles' 11th Atlantic Coast Conference title in 12 years. FSU(9-2, 7-1) also locked up its fourth BCS game in five years after surviving a brilliant performance by North Carolina State's Philip Rivers. The ACC's career passing leader, Rivers completed 28 of 38 passes for 422 yards and four touchdowns and ran for another score.

"I went into at halftime and called all the offensive coaches together and said think we ought to…I said I think we ought to bench him (Chris Rix) and put the other guy (Fabian Walker) and let him play. If he can't do it then we can always send Chris back in there. I said I think we might be making a mistake putting him out there and he can't… but they felt pretty strong we should give him another shot. And it worked out. I still wondered what would have happened if we put the other guy in but it's not a good time to try and see. I am very proud. We haven't won a game like that ever, in overtime. We've lost in overtime. It's our second one. Our team did what it had to do. I could never say enough about their quarterback (Philip Rivers). He's just what he thought he was. He's done it to us the last two years. He's a guy you simply can't get out of there hardly. He's like a fastball pitcher, you simply can't hit the ball."

What was in like knowing you had to face Rivers in overtime?

"You are wondering who has the advantage? That's exactly what you are wondering. I am thinking you have to score because he's going to score. He's going to score."

What does it mean to win a game like this?

"This is what, our 12th year in the conference. Never has a game been as meaningful to us in a conference. Never. We've won conferences before where it didn't seem like it meant anything. All of a sudden it's down to this one. And Chuck Amato had them ready to play and unafraid. Unafraid."

Talk about the sequence of them driving at fourth-and-1 to Leon Washington's score.

"No. 1, you have to hand it to Chuck. That really takes some…you know… I won't say it. It takes them to do what he did, he's going for the win all the way. That's the only way you can explain it. Of course, when he didn't make it you knew all you had to do was just kick it. However, we hadn't kick so well that last time and wonder if you could do that."

What were your emotions when Xavier Beitia lined up for the winning kick at the end of regulation?

"I was just hoping he would make it and, yet for some reason, I was afraid he wouldn't. And he has kicked so well for us this year. But for some reason I was afraid he wouldn't. He didn't let me down."

What would you have done in that fourth-and-1 situation?

"I can't answer that because if I said I would it would make Chuck look bad. I know this, whatever Chuck does Chuck knows what he's doing."

Where did your running game come from?

"They were No. 1 in the conference against the run and they were way down there, maybe last against the pass. You thought we would have thrown the football. And we were ready to come out throwing the ball and throw it every down if we had to. But we ran so poorly last week and we just tried to work on it this week and our kids responded to it a lot better."

How much did Chris not being hot early impact some of the play calling?

"Yeah, it makes you want to run the ball a little more to. Chris started off…I still wish we could get the consistency we are looking for. We had a couple of passes where he just didn't come close. But I really believe…like the one at the goal line down there, where we went for a pass and the guy (Willie Reid) was probably open and he threw it way over his head. We had told him, look, we get it or nobody. So that entices them to throw it too far. I don't know how much of that went on."

Has an ACC title ever felt better?

"No. It has meant more and more the last few years. It really became meaningful coming down to this game against this quarterback and that little tailback they got."

Did Chris do enough in the second half and the overtime to make you feel better about him?

"He played mighty good in the overtime. He played good enough for us to win. I am sure we can get better. I am sure we can do better and I am sure he can do better. But he did the main thing, he won the football (game)."

When Beita's kick was blocked, did you feel you might be jinxed against this team?

"When you've lost them twice and you miss a chip-shot field goal to win the game, you begin to wonder, ‘Have they got you jinxed? Have they got you jinxed?' I was afraid they might have. But the played good. Chuck's got them playing confidently. He didn't come down here timid."

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