December Rush

Thanks to Saturday's emotional win over Florida, Florida State recruiting coordinator <b> John Lilly </b> charges into the December in great spirits. Sure, the upcoming holidays are reason enough to smile, but Lilly and staff don't have time to worry about Christmas gifts, sales and television specials. Home visits are on the agenda, and Lilly calls December the most critical time in the recruiting process.

"There's a little bit more sense of urgency to it now then there is at the beginning," Lilly told The Territory.

"At the beginning you can put a million guys up there (on recruiting board) and there's not a sense of urgency of ‘Hey, we have to get this done with these 20 guys right now.' You may have your top 20 and you are working on them, but if it doesn't happen right then it can still happen a month later or a month after that.

"To me, December is a more difficult month than January is just because of everything going on. No. 1, you still have a lot of names you are working with. No. 2, you don't have guys locked in at certain positions where you know, ‘Okay, we are finished at that position, we can move on and make sure we are covering our bases somewhere else." So, there's a lot of ground to be covered."

The ground must be covered starting today as FSU looks to sign between 20-22 recruits on National Signing Day in February.

While the Seminoles have earned a welcomed two-week reprieve for rest and exams, the coaching staff doesn't have much time to catch its breath with recruiting and upcoming bowl preparation.

FSU is earmarked for either the Fiesta Bowl against the Southeastern Conference champion or the Rose Bowl against Big 10 champion Michigan.

The Rose Bowl is the only major bowl that has eluded coach Bobby Bowden.

"You only have three weeks to contact them (recruits) in December. You have three more in January," Lilly said.

"You are trying to cover all those guys and, at the same time, you are trying to prepare for your bowl game as much as you can around recruiting and doing a good job of both of them. So there's so much going on.

"When January comes around, the board has narrowed a little bit. You probably have a few more commitments, some of the guys you are recruiting have committed somewhere else or at least have told you they are not interested. It has narrowed down your focus a little bit more.

"Then from the standpoint of who you have to spend time on and spend time with, and you are not preparing for a game at that particular time. January, even though it's even more crunch time, is not to me as difficult as December is just because the volume you are dealing with and the things you can spread you thin."

Here‘s TheTerritory‘s breakdown on FSU‘s recruiting wish list in a perfect world in terms of numbers:


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