Waco Star Gets In-Home Visit From FSU

Marcus Walker, The Insiders.com No 5 ranked cornerback in the country, just returned from his third official visit. The Insiders.com caught up with the 5-foot-11 and 185 pound Waco (TX) standout to talk about his visit to Texas A&M and his in-home visit from the Seminoles last week.

"It was a very good visit," Walker said. "My teammate Tory Degrate and I went down there on Friday. We got to hang out with a bunch of the players like Reggie McNeal, Terrence Murphy and Earvin Taylor. We had a good time. The highlights of the visit were how cool the players were. They really showed us a good time."

Walker and Degrate are both considering LSU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Are they a package deal?

"It would be nice but it's not a priority," Walker said.

Walker will visit Oklahoma next week and LSU sometime in January. He indicated that he would like to decide shortly after his last visit.

Last week, the four-star defensive back had an in-home visit from Florida State and Texas A&M.

"Coach Steele (FSU) came down Monday," he said. "He first came over to my school and we then went to my home. My grandmother got to meet him. Coach Steele and Bowden are coming back sometime this week. Coach Fobbs from A&M came by Wednesday. I've known him since Middle School."

Walker, who is on track to qualify with a 3.4 grade point average and a SAT score of 860, uses his intelligence to his advantage on the field.

"My ability to recognize things on the field is one of my strongest point of my game," Walker, who was rarely tested on his side of the field in his senior season, said. "I watch a lot of film and I have very good instincts."

Last week he watched the Florida and Florida State game with his friends from his home.

"The game had me a little nervous," Walker said. "I was the only one that was going for Florida State."

Freshman defensive back Antonio Cromartie and Walker have struck up a friendship. They talk to each other via the phone.

"He called me on Friday and I asked him how his knee was doing," he said. "Sometimes I call him also. He tells me a lot about Florida State."

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