Second Chance

Chris Rix and the Florida State Seminoles get another opportunity at the Miami Hurricanes in the Jan. 1 Orange Bowl. FSU concludes practice Saturday morning and then breaks for the Christmas holidays. Click here for a Q & A with Rix, who ended the regular-season in dramatic fashion with his game-winning touchdown pass at The Swamp against Florida.

Would a win in this game be a building point for your career?

"Well, I think so. Wins are always good. Wins are what you want. That'll help build your confidence going into the next game and the next season, throughout spring ball and all that stuff. I'm excited for this game. I'm competitive, and playing Miami, and all the talent they have – I'm excited."

How much have you changed, in terms of ability and confidence, since the last Miami game?

"I know my teammates have come to trust me more. The coaches have come to trust me more. They see the maturity in me, and that's really my main focus: Coach Bowden, my coaches, Coach Dickey and the rest of my teammates. The public, whatever their perception is – that's something I really can't control. But I have more control over how my teammates and my coaches feel. Those are the ones that really matter to me. The people outside aren't practicing with us everyday, aren't busting their butts, aren't waking up Sunday morning barely able to move. They're not in the battles with us. The people I go into battle with are the people I'm more concerned with. They definitely see a change in me, some maturity, and I still have a long way to go, but I think they're seeing the process. They're excited for this bowl game, and I'm excited for next year, coming back and competing for the national championship."

The plays that you've made at times this season, do you feel like you've proven that you've overcome your earlier immaturity?

"As many mistakes as I've made, and bad plays I've made, that's why Coach Bowden brought me here, and that's why Coach Richt recruited me, and Coach Bowden recruited me here, is to make those plays in those situations. It definitely builds confidence. When you get home and you're laying in bed at night after the game, you just thank God that you made that play. The season's riding on it, the bowl games are riding on it. That's why Florida State's been successful in the past, and that's why Coach Bowden brought me here, is to make those kinds of plays. And fortunately, they worked out."

What is the overriding image in your mind when you think of the last game against Miami?

"Monsoon is the overriding image. I don't think any of us ever played in conditions like that. Of course, Miami had to play in it, too. It's really not an excuse, but it was a fact. The conditions were very tough. It was tough for us to execute our gameplan playing in those kind of conditions. God willing, we'll have a nice, beautiful night down in Miami on the first, and we'll be able to go out and execute our gameplan, which we've been doing the past couple of weeks – throwing the ball well, catching the ball well, running the ball well, and I feel that if the line does their job, backs, receivers, and of course myself, we're a hard team to beat."

How proud are you of Dominic Robinson, and how he's regained his confidence, and yours?

"Well, I've always had confidence in Dominic. Throughout the season, he's told me, ‘Don't give up on me.' I'd just slap him on the head and said, ‘I've never given up on you.' I've always had confidence in him. I've seen his work ethic, how hard he works, and how he is in practice. You don't lose confidence in a guy who works as hard as he works. I'm proud that he's finally getting his turn now. He's paid his dues. He's proving that he's a playmaker. I don't think he could have played any better in that Florida game. I'm going to be depending on him in the Miami game, and I know he'll be ready. It's been a long road for him, and a lot of us, including myself. All his hard work has paid off."

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