Focus 2004

By all indications, it looks like cornerback <B> Terrail Lambert </b> will be leaving California for college. The lone in-state school in Terrail's top five is USC, but the Trojans are no longer recruiting him. Terrail's top two are <b>Florida State </b> and Notre Dame and they have a solid lead over USC, Washington St, Oregon St and Ohio St. All have offered.

He visited both Florida St and Notre Dame in October.

"Florida St is a football mecca. Everybody there loves football and the coaches really take care of the players."

"Notre Dame is a lot like my school (Ventura St Bonaventure). It's a familiar environment. My school is a private catholic school, like Notre Dame, and the environment is very supportive.

"Coach Willingham was the only head coach to come to my house. He's real smart and you feel like you have to listen to him. He has a lot of experience and everybody respects him."

"The difference between Florida St and Notre Dame is that one is hot and one is cold. The atmosphere and environment is different, but they both have great tradition. Florida St is a college town, but they are both pretty rural."

Terrail also plans to visit Ohio St on 1/9 and is still considering visiting Washington St and Oregon St.

"Both Washington St and Oregon St have great coaches and I like their team chemistry. They have the same goals and work hard. "It'll be a gut choice. I know a lot about the schools already, so it's just gonna come down to a feeling."

Terrail has a 3.0 grade-point average and SAT score of 880.

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