Jacksonville WR Is Ready For Visits

<b>Mike McIntosh</b>, one of the top wide receivers in the Southeast, just returned home from the Florida/California All-Star game. The Territory.org caught up with the 6-foot-2 and 182 pound standout with 4.40 speed to find out how it went and to discuss his upcoming recruitment.

"I only got a 7-yard hitch in the game," the First Coast high school senior said. "In practice Drew Weatherford and I hooked up several times."

A trio of defensive backs from the Florida squad in practice really impressed him the most.

"Trevor Ford, J.R. Bryant and Dewayne Grace impressed me," he said. "All three of them are very tough. Trevor Ford was talking a lot about Florida State and Miami."

Florida State quarterback commitment Drew Weatherford was acting as an honoree recruiting coordinator.

"He's trying to bring me along with him to Florida State," McIntosh said. "He said it would be a good opportunity to play together. Some of the other players that I hung out with out there were Marcus Edwards, Bobby Washington, Jonathan Warren, Trevor Ford, J.R. Bryant, Del Roberts and Brent Shaffer."

McIntosh has a top four of LSU, Florida, Florida State and Clemson in no order. He has already visited LSU and he has trips scheduled for Clemson (1/9), Florida (1/16) and Florida State (1/23).

"I'm looking for a school where I'll like it even if I weren't going to play football," he said.

Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden will pay the Jacksonville receiver an in-home visit sometime within two weeks.

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