Strong Bond

Lincoln High linebacker <b>Rodney Gallon</b> fulfilled a childhood dream on Wednesday when he signed with Florida State. Gallon, an athletic, speedy linebacker, didn't hesitate when asked why he signed with the Seminoles, pointing to linebackers coach <b>Kevin Steele.</b>

Rodney Gallon didn't hesitate when asked why the decision to attend Florida State was so easy.

Take a bow, FSU linebackers coach Kevin Steele.

"I have a good relationship with him, I love him to death," Gallon said.

"He's a great man and I want to be coached by him."

The Seminoles believe they met their needs at linebacker with the addition of Gallon, Parade All-American Lawrence Timmons of Florence, S.C, Jae Thaxton of Hartwell, Ga., and Barry Wright of Pensacola, via Coffeyville Community College. Wright is already enrolled at FSU and participated in the start of mat drills this morning.

Although some fans are concerned by Gallon's size -- he's 6-foot-, 210 pounds -- FSU recruiting coordinator John Lilly is not worried.

"With Rodney, here's a guy who I think everyone knew about very early on in the process and was going to be heavily recruited from the get-go and we think is an outstanding player," Lilly said.

"He's a little bit in the tradition of the guys we've been playing with on the outside here in the last several years, guys like Kendyll Pope and people like that. Little bit lighter right now but moves very well. Can move laterally, is a hitter, can bend his knees."

Gallon, who selected FSU over Auburn, Tennessee and Nebraska, had 135 tackles last season.

"I see myself playing outside linebacker. playing WILL," Gallon said.

"I am not trying to redshirt but if it comes down to it, I will accept that as well. I am trying to come in and play outside linebacker at WILL, or wherever he wants to put me at. I know he's (Steele) is going to coach me well."

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