Evaluating Greg Carr With Coach Allen

Two years ago the Southern Cal Trojans landed the services of a raw 6-foot-5 and 205 pound prep wide receiver with 4.5 speed in Mike Williams. Today many consider the former Tampa (Fla.) Plant standout to be the best college receiver in the country. Schools from throughout the country have been searching for the next Mike Williams. The Seminoles might have accomplished that with the signing of Citra (Fla.) North Marion <b>Greg Carr</b>.

The 6-foot-5 and 185 pound Carr with 4.5 speed has similar size and speed to Williams. However, the future Seminole wide receiver had a more productive senior season is high school compared to Williams. As a senior Carr caught 42 passes for 1,142 yards and 13 touchdowns compared to Williams' 38 receptions for 789 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Coach Jody Allen was the Florida State coach responsible for recruiting Carr. What are his thoughts on the future Seminole wide receiver?

"He's got a big, tall frame," Coach Allen said. "He's a basketball player also. We had him in camp as well. When he came over for camp, he just goes up and gets the ball. When the ball is in the air, it's kind of like basketball and he goes up and gets it like a guy goes for a rebound. He uses his body real well. He has real good ball judgment skills so he can get himself into position to use his height. We were real excited about him in camp. We timed him and he ran a pretty good time. And he's tall and skinny and he's never really lifted weights much. We feel like if he lifts weights and gets stronger, he's also going to get faster and more physical. He's going to be a guy that's real fun to watch. If we're right about what we think about him, there's no telling on much better he's going to get. It's going to be fun watching him develop."

Who does Carr remind Coach Allen of?

Harold Carmichael uses to wear No.17 like Greg and he played for the Philadelphia Eagles," Coach Allen said. "He was like 6-foot-9 and towered above everybody. I use to love to watch him play. He was smart enough and athletic enough to use his height. When I watched high school film of Greg (Carr), he looked a lot like Harold did in the NFL. I hope Greg is going to be a guy as he gets a little stronger and more physical in his body that he becomes one of those big, dominating receivers. He's got real good hands and his ball judgment skills will allow him to get his body in position to go get the ball and make big some plays for us. We're real excited about him."

The Territory.org saw Carr play live during the Class 3A state playoffs and we came away very impressed with his size, speed and athletic ability. Despite his skinny frame, Carr is very physical on the field.

According to North Marion Head Coach Craig Damon, Carr is on track to qualify academically. He should have no programs as long as he maintains his core grade point average.

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