Previewing the DE Position

In March the Seminole football team will start spring practices and The caught up with Coach Jody Allen to preview the defensive end position. The Noles return three players with a lot of game-time experience, including one starter in Eric Moore.

Who are your projected starters and could you tell me a little about them?

There are three guys that played a great deal for us last year. Chauncey Davis played behind Kevin Emanuel on the left side. I guess you would project him to slide up into that starting position. Eric Moore was the starter on the right side for us. He'll come back as a projected starter. Kamerion Wimbley also played a lot behind Eric Moore. With he and Chauncey as the two most immediate back ups last year, they will have a chance to fight for a starting position. We're going into the spring with three guys with experience and all three will be given an opportunity to earn a starting position. And we'll see which two comes out as starters and which one will be the first backup.

How much did Chauncey Davis progress last season?

He progressed quite a bit. He had to learn our system and he had to learn how we do things. He came from a good junior college, so a lot his fundamentals were pretty good. He had some good pass-rush moves. We tried to add to it a little bit. It was a good productive year for him. He played better and better as they year went on. We look forward to him being better this year.

How is Darrell Burston doing now? Has he put on any weight?

Actually, Darrell kind of put on the weight before last year. I bet he gained 30 pounds that first year. It's hard to gain that much in one year and be able to carry it. And now what he's doing is not really gaining any more but working on getting stronger and quicker and be able to carry it. He's coming along pretty good. Darrell got to be playing better towards the end of the year. He was a spot player for us. He was the fifth guy and third team guy on both sides. He played a little bit and his game improved. He'll have a chance this spring to battle for some time. As will Willie Jones, who is coming of an achilles injury that kept him out the whole year. We have two freshmen that were redshirted last year in D.J. Norris and Alex Boston. And both of them will be out there for the first time this spring and we're real excited to see what they bring to the table.

Will Alex Boston be cleared for full contact?

Actually, he got in some full contact pass-rush drills down in the bowl game practices. It was very limited and we never wanted to put him in a position were there any bodies out there where he could get twisted up with. It was one on one pass-rush drills. This spring we're anticipating turning him loose.

What is Boston's size now?

I think he's around 250 now. He bulked up some and a lot of it is good strength. We're excited to see how he's going to handle that weight.

How did he do in the limited practices?

Late in December down in Miami, he was able to practice some. He looked very raw but very powerful. He's an explosive guy. I don't know how quick he'll come along. A lot of that will come down to how quickly he'll be able to pick things up. He's going to bring some punch to the table.

Last year Kamerion Wimbley showed signs of greatness. What is it going to take to put him over the top?

He has excellent quickness and speed. He's got pretty good instincts. He's just got to get stronger. As he stronger he'll naturally get bigger. But I don't want him to get fat and gain weight. If he gets stronger, the size will come and he'll be ok. Right now he's at 230 pounds and with his frame he'll probably needs to play next year around 240 maybe 245.

When will Willie Jones be able to participate in practices?

We're hoping to get him a little bit of work this spring. Right now he's not going through our mat drills. He's doing more straight line running now and bike riding. He's not doing any cutting or change of direction stuff now.

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